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As I was looking through some of the silly pictures that I have been taking, I came across this picture that I have taken a while ago. A suicidal roach waiting for its end; it’s pretty funny thought, it wasn’t dead and yet when I pick up the aerosol spray, it didn’t even move. Anyway, I didn’t kill it after a couple of hours, it wasn’t there anymore. I guess it give up hope on killing itself. I didn’t include Adam Sandler’s “Somebody Kill Me” it’s far too comical then suicidal but the message is really clear in that songs. So if you are feeling suicidal, do avoid these songs, cause who knows it might give you a little push in the back and get you on your way.

Soundgarden/Just like Suicide (Acoustic)
A 6 minute acoustic number that gives you the chills.
JamisonParker/Slow Suicide
Punkish theme to suicide; the drums are simply awesome on this track.
Disagree/Suicide Note
Local post grunge band’s song about frustration; It’s pretty good.
Godhate/I Hate Today
First artist to sign up to Manson’s record label but they are so way behind. It starts off slow but the ending outro has a killer heavy riff.
Silverchair/Suicidal Dream
Fun to listen to. " I kill myself by holding my breath"
Nine Inch Nails/The Downward Spiral
There are not vocals on this track but just Trent Reznor giving a description about the killing. “So much blood for such a small hole”

To some suicide is just plain stupid; to some suicide is a study; for me I am just amused by the creative ways people does it. Judaic, Christian and Islamic law declared suicide illegal; in the reincarnation belief, a person who commits suicide will never reincarnates as a human for 7 generations. I don’t know what the Hindus have to say about it. But the Hindu practice of Suttee where the window cast herself into her husband’s funeral Pyre was regarded as highly praise worthy but later outlawed by the British Administration. But most religion view suicide as an act that will buy you a one way ticket to hell. Scare? I don’t so, these days people aren’t afraid of Hell, to them it’s like an amusement park. Everybody is going there, why don’t I?

A few years ago, I read a book called “101 ways to kill youself”, sounds like a manual on suicide, but it is not. I don’t think they would allow such a book to be sold or printed at the first place; especially here. It is a book about the accounts of how people committed suicide and I can say that it is pretty creative but it is often messy too. This is one of the ways that really caught my attention:

“Find an alley between two solid walls that are just nice for your car; make sure that your car door can’t open when you are in the alley. Open up your windows all the way then back up your car and speed as fast as you can towards the alley. When you are reaching the alley put half of your body outside the window. And just when you enter the alley, half of your body will be stuck to the wall and half will be still in the car moving until it hits something and stop. Pretty gross huh? But somebody did it.”

There are also some stupid ways that some sites suggested:

“Put your head in toilet bowl and keep flushing until you pass out and eventually drown”

“Fill a tub with beans, and then eat all of them, you will eventually explode and die of bean overdosed”

Aren’t these suicidal bastards darn stupid? The truth is, all of us are suicidal. Slow suicides that is, those bastard are just taking the faster way only. Why do I say that we are all suicidal, look at the food we eat. We are digging our own grave with a fork and a spoon and we don’t even know it. Those club fool chimneys just couldn’t stop smoking in clubs painting their lungs black; isn’t the air is bad enough already from all the air pollution? We force our liver to work hard as we fill ourselves with alcohol like we are some goddamn SCV going on a long road trip. So what if I eat well, exercise and get enough sleep but got run over but a stupid fool who has just filled his tank at the local pub? Isn’t that ironic? We are just barrels of gun powder waiting for a spark to blow us to smithereens. It’s fucking hopeless huh? Well, as long as we make every moment counts before we become maggots’ food, I think we are on the right track.

“It’s another dark and gloomy afternoon, but it didn’t rain. I’ve made a pack to never work on dark & gloomy afternoons. So here I am bumming around. I just finished re-watching Blair Witch Project 2: The Book of Shadow and I found some interesting and disturbing scenes. I will share it later because I think I have disturbed you readers enough for a day. Please don’t take heart about the things that has been said. I guess it is an issue that people don’t really like to think or talk about, if that is what they do all day, and then there wouldn’t be any reason to work right? Remember to “Carpe Diem” Baby!!!”


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