Let'em Monks Party

Let’s all shave our heads and join in the protest against Military Party Junta in Myanmar. These Junta fucks are really a party pooper, they have to rain all over the Myanmar’s monks’ parade. What kind of ruling party they think they are for not letting monks to party in the streets peacefully? It’s not like they were having beer or anything on the streets. What I can say is a ruling party who doesn’t let their monks dance and party on the streets don’t deserve to rule a country. They have violated the basic human rights of letting people have a good time on the streets. I have asked my barber to make my head as shinning as my butt is, have you?

Okay la, I lied. I didn’t shave my head because of the protest. It is because I got in bar brawl last Friday night during my gig. I wasn’t in the fight but I was caught in the line of fire. A broken beer bottle flew and hit my head while we were performing on stage. Why? Because our music sucks? I hope not. :P. You see things was moving great that night, we started off slow playing stuff from The Commodores (Easy) and then a few more pop contemporary stuff to ease up the crowd. The crowd was huge that night, then we decided to turn up the heat and play stuff which was heavier and the crowd absolutely loved it. When It came to the song “Irresponsible Hate Anthem”, the crowd went crazy and people was throwing fist in the air and the crowd went into a frenzy, a fight broke out and all hell was let loose. Well, it was our fault actually, we should have just stopped playing and left but I thought it will be nice to provide some background music when we watch the fight …wukakkaka. But when things started flying around, it wasn’t funny anymore. Hence I got hit in the head by flying broken beer bottle; it was an ice beer I think because it felt cold. The owner took us out before the authority came and I was sent to the hospital where they shaved me and clean up my wounds, taking out glass bits from my head and then stitching me up with four stitches. The owner of the club came and apologize but it wasn’t his fault actually, we decided not to play the second night but he paid us in full :).

I wanted to show you my scar behind my head but my mum said that I shouldn’t take picture of the scar because it would only make it more permanent. I don’t believe in that shit but I am vain, so I rather show you my shinny head instead. I hope you won’t get blinded by the flare that my awesome shinny head produced. :P

Enough ranting about my head, that isn’t the point. What I really hope is that you all remembering Ang San Suu Kyi and her fight for her country’s democracy. Being held for that long for believing in something better for her country is something that is admirable and it isn’t funny anymore. Join me in listening to the band that I grow up with U2. This song is written by Bono, the band’s front man for Ang San Suu Kyi. I bet most of you have listened to it already but do listen to it again and the lyrics and you might see how great of a lady she is.

Acoustic version

Original version

Added: Walk on (Live from Slane Castle) from the partying pleasure of them monks

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