Raya Gyoza

Gyoza is a popular dumpling in Japanese Cuisine but it originated from China and it is said to have been introduced to Japan in late 17th Century. Gyoza can be cooked pan fried or steamed. Today I am going to transform this Japanese favorite into a Kuih Raya and I am going to fried ’em and steamed ‘em at the same time. This is call Gyoza Raya.


Minced meat (whatever meat you like), onions (finely chopped), carrot finely chopped, wasabi, sesame oil, light soya sauce and pepper and a couple of drops of green coloring. Mixed them up nicely and leave it in the fridge for a while.


Flour, salt, oil and green coloring to made dough and knead till smooth.

How to Fucking Make Raya Gyoza:

Use the fucking dough and make shapes like in the picture and then fill it with the fucking filling.

After that fold those fucks into shape like this.

Add some oil in a pan and then fried those green fucks until the bottom becomes golden fucking brown.

Add a glass of water and then cover the pan and like it cook until the water dries up.

It will look incredibly green like HULK when it is cook and it will go just nice with your greenish decoration. it can be almost pass as a 'Ketupat'

Lastly eat these fuckers hot or else it will be real sloppy. You can dip it in mayo or any other sauce that you like. Enjoy!!!

To all Muslim friends, tomorrow is the day where you don't have to fast anymore. It's your big day. So have a great celebration and remember to party safe.

Selamat Hari Raya!!!