This One’s for the Pink One

This post goes out to the Pink One who I have come to known these last few weeks and who is leaving to the land of camels and pyramids tomorrow. I know I have been a pain in your ass for the past few weeks but I have been trying to be nice to you since last week (I think) just to prove that I am not a “meanie”. But if you still think that I am a “meanie”, I hope this post will help you change your mind.

Firstly, I would like to take back all the nasty names I call you and things I said about you (How about that?) and so here is the list I've made which some of it has been proved so true but just to show you that I am such a nice guy, I will pretend that it is not:


  • Calling you a Minah Rempit;
  • Saying that you are going to perform belly dance in a cute cute pink outfit to the song “My Humps”;
  • Calling you a Jiwang Karat Queen of which I shouldn’t be telling anyone who the queen is but since I am taking it back, I think it is okay to tell;
  • Calling you a old makcik (aunty) because you like the Beatles which is also my granny’s favorite band;
  • Saying that you like to hang out at the stairs of Kuantan’s Megamall with your ex-boyfriendS while they feed you KFC’s Zinger Burger and you enjoy licking the mayo off their greasy fingers;

  • Offering to buy you this fugly pink tudung (see below) that has a soft toy bunny stuck by the side as your Hari Raya present;

  • Posting crap pictures in your facebook’s funwall and also dry humping you in superpoke;

  • SMS you in the wee hours of the night, just to ask you to wake up and take a shit;
  • Playing a phone prank on you, which I am 100% sure caught you with your pants down but you don’t want to admit it, “ Hello, ini McNonal Derively?”;
  • Super imposing The Genie King’s head on your picture and used it as my MSN display picture ;and

psst, if you all wondering how she looks like, let me know i will send you a copy of her pic, absolutely free.

  • Many more which I really can’t think of right now.

Secondly, I promise not to tell anyone the things you shared with me, for example:

  • When you openly admit that, while you were in Kuantan studying, you occasionally dance in the rain, pretending to be a Bollywood star; and also
  • When you were 8 years old, how your very unprofessional “Mat Rempit” boy friend took you on his bicycle and you two ended up in the drain, hence forth you developed a phobia in riding bicycle.

"I promise not to tell anyone about that, cross my heart."

Lastly I had a great time bullying you , I mean chatting with you; I wish you all the best in your second year and do bleach your lab coat pink :P. My Cbox will miss your spamming. In your honor, I have created Neopet in your image and I have also named her “ Pinksterz”

Have a great flight and enjoy Egypt !!!

BTW, she has left us all a little present for us all, drop by her blog to redeem it