Down With The Sickness

Fuck me: Spitting this much blood is not a good sign right? Okay, I am off to see a doctor :S

My remedy: Paracetamol (Pain Killing); Whiskey (To Sleep); iPod (Kill Boredom)

Here I am blogging from my bed. I was having a series of chills and I think I am getting a fever. My head is spinning now, is this you call Karma? Pink and I were up to no good yesterday when we decided to switched nicks in MSN to make people’s head spin. But no one was on except Nee, but I guess she was too smart of a girl to fall for it and this afternoon where I was alone up to no good, I was able to convinced Evie, Princess and Calv that I was Pink, even with a tag like this behind my Nick in MSN “I wanna be a Belly Dancer”. So I guess this is karma working its way back to me, because my head has been constantly spinning and I had to rush out of the Chat room this afternoon and hit the bed.

I guess it is partly my own fault for not listening to the “sign”, I knew I was going to get sick soon, but still I choose to linger in the studio. I sound so hard working huh? Well, actually I was spending more time watching Bleach on I have to really thank Jo for recommending this site, now I am on my way to the latest Bleach series. Ever since I have been laughed at for being so behind in my Bleach, I have been Bleaching heavily. Eat your heart out Leech, I am almost catching on to you.

But now Bleach is going to have to wait. I have been puking my guts out the whole day today; everything I ate came out in reverse. I am surprised that I am still able to write this post. It’s been more than a year since I visited the doctor and I don’t plan to do so, so I am just going to pop some pills and go to sleep it off and hope I will be fine when I wake up.

Lights out…