Back & Being a BLEACH-o-holic

Thanks to those who came by here drop words of concern when I was sick. Well, I ended up in the hospital for a day due to throat and stomach infection. but I am okay already and i am back in action. Actually, it wasn't that back being in the hospital, got nice bed, nice Missy with big boobies and I could rest myself. Even after i got back, i had the welcome of a king back home. My bed sheet and duvet were changed and it smells so good :P. My mum didnt nag me to take bath for Woa Woa, can read more about it HERE. (it just turned into a joke)

Anyway, the first thing I did after I discharged from the hospital was going to Kuantan Parade to get Bleach 111 to 140. I am done watching it on and downloading it from LimeWire. That is why I am so behind. I tell you the plots keeps getting better that is why i am such a Bleach-O-Holic.

If you wanna read more about my Bleach Addiction go HERE

My Bleach Collection to date (1 to 140 with 2 OVAs)

Anyway, this is just a short post to let everyone know I am still alive and well and to those who wished me dead, sorry I didn't die. :P Maybe next time ya?And do drop by my Cbox, there's a nice song playing there(theme from Bleach ...:P) and i have a new layout there too.