It’s been 6 months since I started blogging and today’s post marks the 100th post in this blog and it also commemorates the first 10,000 hits. Here I would like to thank all of those who dropped by this blog and went through all the shit (literally) that was here. And for those who had been coming to this blog often, you might notice that the template and layout on this blog is ever changing, but the change has a theme to it every time. Why? Because it indicates an era that I am bringing you in and you will have some sort of an idea of what sort of post to expect in that era. So let me show you how my blog evolve in this last 6 months.

June2007 –July 2007 The Playlist Addict Era

This is basically how my blog got started, it is sort of like an introduction period, showing you the things which is norm in my life, songs I listen to, things I do for a living. Why all the playlist? Because I think sometimes you can get to know a person by knowing what sort of songs he or she listens to.


July 2007 - October 2007 The Straight Psychedelic Pink Blogger Era

This is probably the longest era and where the whole blog turns pink and psychedelic. This era you will find post about experimental cooking, music and all sorts of things I try to make. I try to make distasteful things tasteful again. People ask me why a pink blog? I tell them because pink no longer only belongs to the female gender, the guys are taking it back.


November 2007 I of the Mourning Era

Short era but here I expose most of what I have been through. Basically to commemorate the loss of someone close.


Current The Straight Pink Macho Blogger Era

Well, it gays, trannies gross you out, you might wanna go easy here :P. This is where I express my views on other sexuality, Hermaphrodite, gays and lesbian and shit like that. If you want to get the song “Macho Man” burnt into your head..this is the right era to be in :P

Up and coming Groteques Era

You think you have seen my weirdness? Come into my grotesques world of art, music and cooking : P Expect to see some crazy shit here.

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