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Just the other day, Macho Man received a picture by one of his fan, showing Macho Man the kitchen French Fries’ horrid tragedy that befell the poor potato she was cooking. The image of the mutilated potato shall now forever haunt Macho Man’s dream. Macho Man shall not post the picture here for the sake of everyone who reads this. So today, Macho Man shall teach you how to make the perfect shoe lace fries, chips, wedges, crinkle cut or anything you call it. It is basically the same, being the shoe lace fries the easiest to make because it is thin and faster to cook. Anyway, Macho Man is not only going to show you how to make the perfect fries but also flavored fries.

Strawberry Chili Custard Fries

Wash and peel some potatoes, cut it in to whatever size you desire, but bear in mind, the bigger the size the harder to cook. Today, Macho Man feels like making it in the size of wedges. Boiled the cut potatoes in a pot of water until partially cooked; remember to add some salt in the water, because water boils at 100’C and with some salt in it, it will increase the temperature of the water. Next, you need to prepare the coating of the fries, which serve as the flavor giver. The coating is: one part of flour, two part of custard powder, a little chili/curry/tom yum powder and add strawberry milk to mix the entire ingredient together. Don’t add to much strawberry milk until the mixture becomes too watery. A thick and sticky mixture is the best.

Drained the potatoes and dump it into the mixture for a little while. Make sure that the potato wedges are nicely coated before deep frying them in vegetable oil. Fry the wedges until crisp and golden brown.

This is how the wedges look like when they are perfectly cooked. You can eat it right away with ketchup or vinegar and salt.

But I like to add mozzarella cheese and bake it. Just sprinkle a little mozzarella cheese on top of the wedges and bake it until all the cheese melts. Yeah it looks like KFC’s Cheesey wedges, pssst….Macho Man has been eating this wedges even before Cheesey wedges was introduced.

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Okie, Evie took the “x’s What is your Dish Challenge” and it took me a while to figure out what sort of dish she is. After asking her a series of question, the only think that was in my macho head was “Steam” and “Eggs”, so this is what I come up with:

Evie’s Steamy Eggs

First you have to beat 2 eggs and divide them into three parts. Add a little water to the first part of the egg and steam it. Add a tom yum stock into the second part of the egg and mixed it well. When the first part of the egg is done add bean curd cubes on top and pour the second part of the egg into it and steam. Add curry powder into the third part of the egg and mixed well, when the second part of the egg is done, add the third part of the egg and steam. When it is all done, pour thick curry chicken on top of the steam eggs, garnish and serve.

Adding in the bean curd into the first part of the egg.

This dish has three layers: bottom is just plain steam eggs, middle tom yum flavor and top curry flavor.

Garnish the dish with fresh curry leaves to give it a strong curry smell. It can be served as an appetizer.

Decipher: Actually, I asked Evie a lot of questions for the purpose of creating this dish, but the Egg thing just keeps popping up in my mind. Maybe it is a sign, not to me but to her hubby that she is ready and she is full of eggs, if you know what I mean :P Anyway, that is what I think, if you have a better explanation, do share.