Learn to Play the Guitar Just Under 30 Minutes…

So you feeling down because you can’t play any instrument and you can’t impress the hot chick or the hunky guy huh? Fear not, maybe someone has just shove a rabbit’s foot up your ass today, because you happened to stumble to this post and I will make you a musician in no time no matter how deaf and blind you are to music. Well, it depends on how fast your brain works, if it is still functioning, you will be one in no time. Learn how to play the guitar just under 30 minutes – Air Guitar of course. And this post is dedicated to Chingy :) This won’t be a long a whiny post It will be filled with diagrams and video and sound clips to get you get rid the feeling of reading a text book or instruction manual feel. So here we go …

First thing you need is an air guitar [figure 1] of course and an air pick [figure1.1] to strum your air guitar see below.

figure 1

Possibly the most influential instrument of our time, the air guitar has inspired millions to pick up rock. An air guitar is the imaginary instrument used when pretending to play guitar. Play by using an exaggerated strumming motion with loud singing or lip-syncing. Air guitar is used in the imaginary simulation of loud electric guitar music like rock and heavy metal. You can play the air guitar with little prior knowledge or skill.

figure 1.1
Next is your posture, depending on what type of music you are playing. [figure 2]
figure 2
These are some basic techniques that you need to learn up before you go on to the advance. [figure 3]
figure 3

Do learn up all the basic technique before you attempt these are the air guitar’s advance techniques [figure 4]

figure 4

Then comes the chords for your guitar, memorize all these chords. [figure 5]

figure 5

Are you still there? If so, you are ready to play your first song now, choose one of the songs below:

Now for some visual aid for the comprehension impaired:This is a video to help you have an idea of how to dress up when you are doing an Air Guitar Gig

Another video to help you adjust your attitude while playing the Air Guitar and also this is how a lady should play the air guitar....I think ladies who plays the air guitar is super hot...

If you are still following this, great you are on your way of become a legendary air guitar player. Here are some tips and warning.

  • Remember, the higher the note, the lower your hand.
  • If you have a cool haircut shake your hair around! (or even if you don't)
  • Don't put your strumming hand down too low, no real guitar player will play with the guitar down to their knees, except Fieldy from Korn.
  • Pick an appropriate song, I have seen way too many people try to play air guitar to "That's what I like about you" and "barbara ann"
  • And finally, don't care what other people think.
  • Too much head-banging can cause lightheadedness and nausea.
  • While playing air guitar, it is easy to lose control of your senses. Be careful of objects around you so that you don't crash into them or knock them over.
  • If you play near other people, they might think you're crazy!

With your new found skill, go out there and impress the shit outta the girl or guy that you have be trying like shit to impress….

Here’s a little something for you to get started.

Guitar – Mr. x
Disturbance – Woa Woa

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