people who complicates your life

Alright this is a tag by curryegg and I am suppose to list out the top 5 presents that I wish for, but I guess I am always fickle minded about material things because they keep on changing, and by the time someone gave me the thing that I wanted now, I might have already change my mind, so why not I list out things that I haven’t done and I think I should take the leap of faith and jump straight in on it.

Top 5 things that I never done but I think I should

  1. Pursue a woman not because she is hot but she is cool. Hotness attracts me I guess not only me millions of guys too but why not, try not the looks for the change.
  2. Be debt free. Compounding interest is like a bitch, she will go both ways. I think it will be better if she goes my way.
  3. Disagree with the person with I fear the most. Not that I have any at the moment but when the time comes, I wanna see how I am able to stay true to myself in the eyes of fear
  4. Embrace the male carpe diem death cliché. I will die; my friends and dozens of bungee jumpers, sky diver, surfers, kamikaze downhill bikers, rock climbers too. Realization that we have limited mortality, I think I should get up my roof and clear the fucking beehive.
  5. Getting rid of the people who complicate my life.

Here’s the bonus: relating to number 5. Here’s the 5 person that complicates my life and how I am trying to make them go away:

1. the chatty neighbour

Complicate my life by: being a permanent fixture at my door, so much so disrupting my ability to MSN with my friends while I do my work.
Ways to neutralize: boring him. Don’t engage, and don’t say anything that might lengthen the conversation.

2. the nagging aunty:

Complicate my life by: giving unsolicited advice.
Ways to neutralize: befriending the enemy. Take her out to lunch and do a handiwork in her place. At the very least, I might get to understand her motivation and she might get to see how a well balanced person I am and thus she will be less pesky.

3. the pushy salesperson

Complicate my life by: trailing you around the store.
Ways to neutralize: dress down, because salesperson tends to approach a person who is better dressed up than the other.

4. the tragic friend

Complicate my life by: complaining about his existence.
Ways to neutralize: telling him a joke, preferable a dirty one, it will stop him long enough for you to change the subject.

5. The never do well sibling

Complicate my life by: borrowing money and third wheeling your life.
Ways to neutralize: shut her out. Don’t not lend any more money; instead help her get up on her feet. Because the more I lend, the worse it will get until I say no, she will then only realized that she needs to do something.

Continuation of the tag:

The person who tag me is: curryegg

My five impressions on her: full of life, always smiling in her pictures, passionate about blogging, has a thing about eggs and the person who give me this tag. I guess I am not too sure about this because, I never met her or even spoken to her.

Most memorable thing she has given: pretty obvious isn’t it, giving me this tag la…. :P

Most memorable words she said to me: can’t answer that because we never spoken.

If she becomes my lover, I will: stop beating and killing eggs…

If she becomes my enemy, the reason would be: my cholesterol level too high?

OK this is the part where I am suppose to list out 5 bloggers , so I will be very random and will chose blogger no 5, 10, 15. 20,25 from my blog roll and they are:



3.Mr. JP

4.Cen ni


Who is no.3 having a relationship with: someone in Malaysia I think, have to check with EB.

Who is no.5 having a relationship with: her boyfriend.

If no.2 and no.3 are together will it be a good thing? Yeah, but then again no.3 have already found his significant half.

What about no. 4 and no. 5? What sort of togetherness are we talking about ? if you are reading my mind, Hell yeah, I would love to see two hot chicks together, if you know what I mean :P~~~~

What is no.3 studying? This has just reminded me to ask him when I see him. okie, i just did, see below...

When was the last time I chatted with no. 5? Some time ago on MSN, I think just before Chinese New Year, we were talking about how great her legs will look if she wore a micro short Cheong Sum.

Does no. 4 work? Yes she does and part of her working description is talking to me on her IM. Been proposing to her but she is yet to leave her job to come down to Kuantan and be the bride of x.

Do you have any cousin in her school?Huh? No, I guess....

Will you be with no.1? Hell yeah, she is hot but I guess not, she is with someone.

What about no.5? Damn she is hot too, same answer like above. Note to myself, remember point number one on top.

Does no. 2 have siblings? I can’t remember, she is currently not on her MSN and she is a little too far to call up. I’ll check with her some other time.

How did you get to know about no.2 and no. 4? No.2 - I was caught “skodenging” her blog , no. 4- through pink. (yes she is the one who is supplying me with fresh new hot chicks on my MSN list)

Where do no 1. lives? Apparently in Subang Jaya, but I am guessing she camps out in her gym.

How did you get to know no. 2? Skodenging her blog? I am confused, isn't this the same question asked ?

Is no. 5 the sexiest person in the world? Yes she in a micro short Cheong Sum is definitely going to get my vote :P~~~~~~

Well, sorry I cannot be specific because I have yet to meet anyone, so this is the best I can do. thanks again to curryegg for the tag,

Anyone complicate your life yet?

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