Tale of a Modern Slavery: Right Next Door to Hell


I was kinda out of action last two days because I had a little fall from my downhill biking trip on Saturday and hurt my back. Nothing serious but I just couldn’t sit up or stand up too long. So my weekend was just having some pain killer cocktail and spending most of my fucking time laying on the bed. Someone tried calling me when I was passed out and dosed with painkillers, so my dad picked up the phone. Later I told her what happened and this was her SMS reply ….

Anyway, I alright now and thanks for asking, oh you didn’t? Nevermind. The good thing about knowing someone who works in a cafeteria which is very very near your house is you get to listen to all sort of gossip about your neighborhood. I just came back from Lisa’s and I was being filled in with the gossip of my neighborhood which I always seem to ignored but this was just too good of a gossip to ignored.

the usual nasi lemak minus the hard rock chicken delivered to my house and it taste much better without the fringing plastic ware.

As some of you may know that my house next door has been turned into an LA AMISTAD (La Amistad was a slave ship but she was not designed to transport slaves), the only difference is it can’t float but it has almost the same or equal amount of Niggas inside. How the hell did they get there? You see my ex neighbor’s BF was shot dead while resisting a robbery quite some time ago. But it didn’t happen in that house. It was in his shop in town directly beside the fire department. If you are from Kuantan, you might have heard about it. Anyway, after that incident, she left the house vacant for many years until of late; it was finally let out to a bunch of money hunger Chinaman who runs a foreign worker agency whom filled the house with Niggas (from Bangala land- forget what is the name of the country liao) thus turning our neighborhood into da hood.

Nigga chilling at Club Nigga

At first, I wasn’t that happy with it, firstly because there are so many Niggas staying in one house (easily more than 20), which makes it worse than a hostel; secondly, they are fucking noisy (why do Niggas speak so loud?). Thirdly, they are fucking dirty, like throwing their garbage food wrappers on their own lawn, but we cannot do anything about it. Fourthly, all that ever comes out from their kitchen is the smell of heavily spiced curry which was okay at first but every day? It gotten me pretty sick because my room is facing the back and it is very near their kitchen.

Nigga's Shit

I don’t have anything against them but I just find them rather annoying that is all, but someone in the neighborhood must have hated them because the police kept coming and the Niggas kept gotten loaded on trucks and then unloaded back the next morning again. It went on for a while until either the police got tired or maybe the anonymous caller got tired of calling. But I guess the later is more likely because, the police here never gets tired of negotiating because their throat are constantly thirsty for KOPI O (black coffee).

The Other neighbor eventually turned their house into a fortress after the Niggas moved in

But of late, I kinda feel sorry for the Niggas who was staying next door. I mean the living condition there is bad and almost hell like. It was like maggots living in a shit hole. Imagine sharing a house with 3 room, 2 living living room and 3 bathroom with more than 20 other Niggas and the house is completely bear, no fan, no mattress, no furniture, except for lights. Sometimes the house was so filled up that you see some of the Nigga actually sleeping outside the house in the patio and I think because of the ratio of the people staying in that house to the amount of bathrooms, some of the Niggas uses the garden hose as their fucking shower, shit man that is an ugly sight. If one of them decides to take a dump in the lawn, I fucking swear to God I am fucking moving. There was once the water supply got cut off for the whole Kuantan for a day because of some repair work. Those Niggas in da house practically almost died of thirst, until they had to ask my Dad to give them some drinking water because they were all locked inside the house.

The run down Nigga's Club

Anyway the thing was just a couple of days ago, which was end of the month and most of them got their pay, 2 two cars came and about 10 masked robbers went into the Nigga’s house and rob them of their salary which totaled about RM6000++. If you ask me, the robbers must be pretty damn stupid or they did it on intention because just look at the Nigga’s house, it is almost completely empty and run down and besides cash what the shit do you wanna rob? Their curry powder? And I am not a math genius but I definitely can do the maths for this one, 10 people and the loot is only RM6000++, which would mean Rm600++ a piece for a job that you might get into jail for a long time. Fuck It man, if I have the amount of man power, I would have robbed a rich man’s mansion which is filled with lots of goodies and probably get a golden Rolex that is whole much more than all the Nigga’s salary combined. Hell, if those robbers was smart, they could have just took one of my bikes outside and sell it, it would bloody cost way much more than their loot. If you ask me, I bloody think this is some kind of a conspiracy behind all it. Knowing that most of them are on visiting pass and no working pass, they can’t do anything about reporting about their missing salary and shit like that. Well, that is all I heard and I am not sure how true it is but if it is true. I hope the mastermind behind this will get his ass whoop big time for fucking with those poor Niggas. I mean these people left home and their love ones to earn a better living for their family and not only they end up in a shit hole, their only reason that they are here have been robbed from them.

I feel for these poor Niggas,(from now on will not SMS Nigga jokes to Evie in the middle of the god damn night, will do it in the day time instead), I know not what I can do , but I will try my best to help out anyway I can like providing them Mineral water from BN courtesy of Lisa’s Dad and dressing them up with new clothes also courtesy of Lisa’s Dad. [BTW, I sent Lisa Back home again the next night and I got a box of mineral water, more T-shirt s and an umbrella] It is really un-cool to treat those Niggas like pieces of crap because it is so unfair and so wrong. We all should all hold hands and treat everybody equally as crap.


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