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I bet most of you should have read or at least know what is "Alice in Wonderland", it was one of my favorite fairy tales to me. Things was so weird and loco in it that as a child it was fascinates me. But as you grow older, you tend to see that those fairy tales of old doesn't seem to be so weird after all, because the things around you now, is weird and loco and we are not in wonderland but in the real world. I don't know how Lewis Carroll ever wrote Alice in Wonderland but there is a theory that he was on crack when he wrote it. Although Carroll invented Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for the entertainment of children, many scholars have discovered various underlying influences in his work. The books have been explained from all kinds of viewpoints, like drug use, Freudian influences, mathematics, political satire, sex and pedophilia, nonsense, etc. The books have always been a favorite subject for analysis, as the story lends itself to various interpretations. So i have already downloaded the whole 12 chapters of Alice's Adventure in Wonder and will be trying to see how deep the rabbit hole is. IF you don't wanna be scar by the fond memories that Alice in Wonderland had given you , i suggest you take the blue pill which is to stay clear of the next few post, but if you wanna know something grotesque, twisted yet true, take the red pill and i will show you how deep the rabbit hole really goes. in the drug culture, to go down the rabbit holes means to take drugs...

FAQ: About the author Lewis Carroll, was he on crack when he wrote Alice in Wonderland?

Answer i found: No. Carroll did not use drugs while writing the story. The larger part of the story was invented when he was on a boat trip with a friend, the real Alice and her sisters. He invented it while they rowed. The drug rumor was first spread in the 1960's by supporters of the then new LSD subculture. The rumor is believed to have originated from the psychiatrists who introduced LSD into our society.Some people insist that one has to be on drugs to write such a creative story. But why shouldn't someone have a creative mind of his own? If Carroll was on drugs, the Alice books would probably be a series of rambling, disconnected, surrealist scenarios. But the Alice books are far from random. They contain some very intricate logic problems and very clever puns (not to mention Alice's journey in "Through the Looking-Glass", which follows the moves of a chess game), that could only be the work of a sharp mind in full control of its abilities. Furthermore, you'll find the same style of writing in the magazines he wrote in his youth, his various poems, stories, and other writings, and especially in the letters he wrote. If the Alice books were drug induced, the rest of his voluminous output would seem to suggest he was on drugs 24/7. There is indeed one part in the book that may describe the use of drugs: the hookah smoking Caterpillar who advises Alice to eat from the mushroom. But with the story Carroll made fun of all aspects of society, and it may be possible that he was just reflecting the age with this part (note that this chapter wasn't even part of the original story, but was added later!). In the Victorian era there were no drug laws like we know them. Opium, cocaine, and laudanum (a painkiller that contained opium) were used for medicinal purposes, and could be obtained from a pharmacist. Mind that LSD was not even invented yet! So in Carroll's days it was not uncommon to experience the effect of being 'high', whether or not accidentally. However, it was definitely not Carroll's intention to write a book about drugs: he wanted to entertain a little girl whom he loved. No evidence has ever been found that linked Carroll to drug use. Even in his diaries, Carroll has never made any reference to the use of drugs.

Alright, so he isn't puffing the magic dragon or doing the bong of destiny, so what is he under?

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