how to be her fortune teller: the tricks of the psychic trade


Here I am dancing on a volcano and trying not to mix feverish thoughts of missing and longing for someone with my day to day straight rational thought, it should be easy because it is like mixing oil and water, but I find myself trying, trying hard to mix it up, I know for sure that oil and water don’t mix but sometimes when I am alone I wonder, is there a spell that I am under that is keeping me from seeing the real thing? So being all tied up in bed and with time and boredom in my hands, I decided to put my tarot reading skill to the test and do a reading on the matter at hand. The reading subject will be that someone, I know this is so wrong but sometimes this is something that you need to do to get things off your head. And so here we go, I am not going to go into a complicated tarot spread like the Celtic cross spread, instead I will be just using a normal 3 card spread. All I need to do is just think of that particular someone and while shuffling the cards which is so easy because I have her on my brain always 24/7 ever since those dreams of her started.

The first card is the Significator which is the major energy and current state of the matter at hand that which will manifest itself. The card I got is The Lovers upward (note if the card is downwards, it represents the opposite of what the card represents). This card represent message which come via the heart. Choices are to be made based on intuition. A new step in growth. A good Omen for marriage (WTF), partnership and business (phewwww).

The second card which is placed on the left next to the Significator which is the influences and energy that will manifest and surrounds me and bound me to the subject matter (the someone I am thinking of). The card that I got is The Magician upwards. The meaning of the card: Initiating a current energy in a particular direction. Great inspiration in handling practical affairs, communication and imagination; it marks the setting off of a new journey.

The third card is to be placed on the right side of the Significator, it represents the outcome of it all. The card that I got is The Wheel of Fortune upwards. This card represents changes, good fortune and an auspicious omen. Growth and development in diverse areas.

I don’t know about you but I think by doing this reading it has left me even more confused than I started. Maybe some people are right, you don’t need a deck of cards to tell you what you wanna do with your life, it is all in the grasp of your own hands and I am the best candidate to prove it , I can't even follow simple direction of my kindergarten teacher when I was young, what more a deck of lousy tarots. So I think I am all good here. But the thing that puzzle me is (look at the cards above again, do you see something similar? Something that all the three cards have and this thing have been haunting my dreams for a while now) If you can see it, congratulation, you are on your way on becoming a fucking private eye, if not here are the hints, on the The Magician card, look at the belt which the Magician is wearing, on The Lovers card, look at the apple tree, lastly on The Wheel of Fortune card, look at the creature next to the wheel. I think something is surely manifesting itself here? What does the serpent want with me? it appear in my dreams of late so many times and now in all my cards which I didn’t even bother to think about it but until I took another closer look. Why are they appearing now? It might not be spooky to me but I think it is kinda disturbing because I fucking hate snakes. Alrighty, If you wanna have a career in the fortune telling industry read on...

how to be her fortune teller: tricks of the psychic trade

some women check them more than their lipstick, so that is why psychic must know how to talk to a women. Notice the word "psychic", i think maybe it comes from the phrase " to psycho chic ", says it all doesn't it. the psychic must make the client the center of attention, validate the client's feelings while claiming to have an insight to their lives.

-Using retrofit:
retrofitting the story, try to link your client to the thing that you want them to know, and it will make you appear have been right all along. example;
You: i bet you work near water don't you?
Her: no i work in KL.
You: which part?
Her: Jalan Raja Laut (Ocean)
You: Laut, see i told you so.

-Ask dumb question:
psychic always asked question but oddly the client always sees it as a statement, which enhances the psychic perceived ability.
You: do you have sisters?
Her: Yes, i do
Her to her friend: He knew i had sisters
Women may remember you as being right even when you are wrong because they want to.

-Be general but specific:
try reading the horoscope and you will know what this means. try to saying something specific but is so really general. " So you are a blogger, i bet you love writing."

-You knew it all along:
Never get surprise when you get lucky, after all you are a psychic and suppose to have insight to all things.

-unlock her potential:
a good psychic talks about potential. Women likes to being noticed for their secret talents. If she has good sense of fashion by the way she dresses, tell her she has a future in the fashion industry. Go ahead and butter her up, things will work your way.

-Use verbal ramp-off:
practice saying this..." i get the impression that you ...or someone you about to....or in the next few years....make an important career change." It will come true trust me, you wanna know why? because you have just covered so many ground. This is call a preemptive switching and it allows you more potential to be right.

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