what her body tells you


Her tattoo thrills you. He tongue stud chills you. But what do her accessories really say about her? Look no further guys, x is here with a handy guide to strip her down to the very core, so sit back and enjoy the ride. As if the female body isn't alluring enough, increasing number of women are adorning it with all kinds of intriguing stuff - tattoos, belly rings, tongue stud, body glitter, elaborate manicures...you name it. No wonder someone famous once told me that men in this age is going to die by lost of man juice. Courtship is about display, and if there is a time for a woman to display herself, it is now. Because most of the women now realized that it is better to be look over than be overlooked. Guys, take a long hard look at the girls now, she is sending out signal without opening her mouth. Take a long hard look, pay attention and you will be that much closer in figuring her out.


Small tattoo on her shoulders-

means she is funny and overtly sexy, loves to tease. These type of women loves the unexpected and the memorable . Invite her out for a night of dancing, preferable Latin dancing and don't forget to kiss the shoulders. It is a very erotic spot.

Tattoo on her small back-

Suggest that a women is secretly sexual. The sacrum is an overlooked but highly sensual spot, where most women love to be touched. She is essentially telling you to “press here”. This type of tattoo, especially if it is a tribal design, also connotes spirituality and a wider perspective on reality.

A bicep bracelet or an armband tattoo-

Signifies toughness. A woman with body art on a typical male place of adornment, such as forearm or biceps, is willing to stand up for herself and won’t take any crap. Better not insult her. Since she is calling attention to the arm, she probably works out.

Belly art-

When a women calls attention to her stomach, she is sending signal that she is fertile and possibly ready to reproduced. Men don’t just size up potential mates by their facial features. We subconsciously weight the magnitude of factors, including the waist to hip ratio. The ideal ratio for child bearing is 0.7, which equates to the classic hourglass shape with a 27 inch waist and a 30 inch hips.

Small tattoo on her pubic bones or atop her breast-

May indicate she is coming off a bad relationship. Some women especially older ones, got tattooed in private places to reassert ownership of their bodies. A sun or butterfly design may represent her desire to rise again and be free. To win her broken heart. Guys you only need to do one thing here: listen to her.

Tiny tattoo on her ankle-

Signifies a good girl wanna to be bad. She probably works in a professional environment surrounded by nerds and geeks. A rose symbolized love and romance, an angel means protection, fairies connotes magic and nature, dolphin means freedom and cherries …you try guessing this one. Buy her a couple of drinks and let her sassy side emerge and keep this in mind, this sort of girls likes pain mixed with pleasure.


Piercings eyebrow ring or any other unconventional facial piercing-

It is there for the shock value. What you have here is a rebel sort of girl, independent and occasionally loves to make trouble. If you catch her eye, do nothing. Before long, she will be the one who is coming over to ask you out.

Nose piercing-

A stud on the side of the nose means this woman is worldly and exotic. Take her dinner to a ethnic restaurant and maybe watch a foreign film with her, try mentioning you have relative in Burma and please do not offer her a tissue so that she can blow her nose.

Tongue stud-

This is probably the most in your face piece of body art a women can have and obviously done to enhance oral sex. The tongue has loads of nerve endings, so it is the most painful part of the body to pierce. Plus the risk of infection is high and the stud compromises the language skills, at least the first. To them it is like signal to say that I have so much energy and am in such good health that I can carry this cumbersome thing yet function. It is a big fitness indicator. Be careful of this sort of girls, they can lick you in more ways than one.

Ear Piercing-

A woman with multiple ear piercing can’t get enough of a good thing. Good news guys, she is probably a multi-orgasmic.



A woman with long and elaborate nails painted is trying to create the illusion of class. She may be a supermarket cashier, a bank teller who is trying to disguise the fact that she is a laborer. Two things to worry about here. One: long nails harbor bacterial; and two: this woman values elegant lifestyle in which she doesn’t have to work. She is looking to be pampered and protected. Think high maintenance.

Lots of bracelet on her arms-

Means she is trying to get attention. Men are visual creatures, taking 80 percent of the world by sight. Women instinctively play to this. They’ll use scent (perfume) and sound (bracelet). A women who uses auditory display wants to be sure everyone in the room notice her.

Body Glitter-

If she is wearing body glitter or crystal, means she wants to be sparkle just like those things. She is girlish, fun, curious and playful. She wants magic and is so in tune with the prince charming bullshit. Try pulling a teenage lovey dovey stuff on her and you will soon bag her, but remember to check her legal age first.

++updates: so here I am stranded on my room and immobile. But somehow, with all the time in my hands, I started reading the news and watched CNN more. What I am trying to say is all the time when I was free to move around, I was more disconnection with what is going on around the world than where I am now. Anyway, a lot of you guys should know about that dipshit Geert Wilders who is pissing off a lot of Muslim all around the world, so much so they are trying to light a jihad fire cracker and shove it up his ass. Joking la not that bad, they are just chanting and calling out for his death penalty for making a short film call Fitna which is about 86% downloaded and will be completed after i am done here. Marvel at the wonders of the technologies of the present time. A guy who is even having problem walking to the bathroom to get a leak, now has the current most controversial short film in his hard disk. I feel sorry for those who is fighting and demonstrating for the show to be banned, this shows how unproductive and ineffective the protest are. Even a cripple in bed can get it, really there isn’t any way of stopping the short film from being distributed? Okies, no offense to our nice Muslims friends, the show is solely for my eyes only and will not distribute it to anyone else. Hey, I am just a guy who wants to know what is the fucking deal behind the show before I judge it good or bad ok? So I shall pop a couple of Dutch Lady Ice Latte and watch the diabolic short film and see if the fringing Dutchman is up to Dan Brown and Ron Howard’s standard. Cheers!!!


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