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This piece is actually meant for Vesak Day which was celebrated on Monday 19 May 2008 here in Malaysia while Indonesia celebrated on the 20 May 2008, I wonder why? Anyway, this post may have come late but basically it has nothing much to do with the celebration of Buddhism; me of all people being a nihilist is definitely not going to do a religious post. But this is a post about how I overcome my pain from my current injuries. I tell you having a broken feet and sepsis side by side isn’t a great thing, because you are in constant pain and the pain killers can only do this much. So instead of turning into a more powerful drug, I switch my focus on something more ancient yet new Age. I use meditation to channel all the pain away and leaving more tranquil me. If you are thinking that to put myself in a Mantra state, I would need a Guru who comes from a Buddhist monastery or temple, well you are wrong. I used to think that way too, but after I was given instruction of doing it, it was ridiculously simple steps to follow in order to achieve meditation. Meditation isn’t about sitting in a lotus position but it is the simple method of quieting the distraction in your mind. By focusing on your breathing, training yourself to become “in the moment”; let’s just say it is a way to learn to ignore the thousands of thoughts that usually clutter your mind. Meditation doesn’t have rigid rules you need to master. In fact, all it takes to get started is a basic grasp of 5 simple steps.

Make yourself comfortable

First you need to find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Wear something comfortable like loose clothes and sit still in a straight-backed chair or on a pillow on the floor. You don’t have to assume the lotus position, but you should sit up straight and avoid slouching. Focus your eyes on a nearby object or simple close your eyes gently, whichever feels better and seems more natural. The idea is to relax as much as possible. I know what you are thinking: If someone asks you to sit quietly like that, you’d be asleep faster than you know it. That is okay if it happens occasionally, it means your body is fully relax. But don’t make it a habit, because that will be fucking napping and not meditating.


Once you’re comfortable, try to block out everything but your breathing. There are a number of ways to do this. For example, while slowly inhaling and exhaling, say to yourself, “I breathe in, I breathe out”. Some practitioners suggest focusing on a word of phrase that has a meaning to you – lyrics of a song, bible verse, a tag line from your favorite advertisement. Repeating the word or phrase will help the person to focus on breathing. It doesn’t matter which method you choose, as long as you center yourself in breathing and it keeps you from stressing about the millions of other of things you are about to do. When you are done, you should feel like nothing needs to be done, making each breath a mini-vacation. Warning, concentrating on breathing alone is not as easy as it is said, when I first try, I was surprise how terribly hard it is to kick away all the thought that is cluttering my fucking mind.

There you go, thinking again

When a thought intrudes as it inevitable will. Seemingly every few breathes – consciously acknowledge it. Then gently refocus your attention on your breathing again. When fucking agitated, try to return to the phrase that helps you focus on breathing again. i.e.: breathe in, breathe out. No matter how you try to acknowledge the intrusion thoughts, do not let them frustrate you.

Don’t just do something, sit there

You should concentrate on breathing for 15 minutes. Even though you might find it is hard to do so for that long, so try 5 minutes and gradually increasing it. When time is up, don’t rush back to your regular routine right away. Too fast of a transition to real life will make your stress level soar. Instead, sit for a few more minutes and let the outside thoughts back into your head. If you are at a bit open space walk it off because you start your rat race again.

Don’t expect to be saved

Daily meditation will not result in any fucking bright light beaming on you from the above. Nothing dramatic is going to happen while you meditate. But over the time, you’ll notice that the awareness in you practice in meditating will spilled over in your daily life. You will be more focus on a single thing at hand, you will not but threatened by a million other thoughts.

I started the whole mediation thing because I was constantly agitation by the fucking pain cause by my injuries and this has sky rocketed my blood pressure. But now, through it I am keeping my cool and coping with my pain and my blood pressure has lowered. It does improve your sex and ability to become a better lover, which I will be glad to share later on another post about some secret Kung Fu Sex stance for you to impress the shit outta her.

what does your mind says?
You don’t need to be a Buddha to meditate and get results...Happy Fucking Vesak Day Y'all!!!


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