becoming x: have i become fragile...

Trying to learn walking again is something somewhat pathetic for a guy in his twenties. Yes, today I have removed all my leg support and by right I should be able to walk, run, skip, jump, and surf again. But taking every fucking step is as painful as getting stab in the ass by an iron hot shovel, this has cause my dependent on pain killers to sharply increased. I cannot remember how was it like when I first started to walk as a child but I think it didn’t hurt as much only except if I fall. I guess I should give it sometime before the pain goes away and hope I will be back to my normal self again. I was filled with excitement last night, couldn’t sleep. So I accompanied MLL who was studying for her finals. While she studied, I had a little movie marathon of my own with woawoa. The thought of having my feet touching the ground again, does gave me a sense of something to look forward to; it has been sometime since I felt this way. Maybe it has been too long, because the feeling is somewhat alien to me now.

As you can see that there are changes in my blog; currently working on this blog and the review blog. There wouldn’t be much changes in this blog, except for the fact that since I have been having complaints that it takes up a lot of the reader to read this blog because the blog is far too wide, therefore, I am tweaking it to make it more reader friendly. Changes in this blog would come by piece meal, so do not expect drastic changes. As for the Review Blog, the prototype is out and it is entirely up to the other gods to discuss if they want it that way. You can view the new Review Blog here.

4 more days to my Angel’s birthday, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. I cannot believe that it will be half a decade since she is gone. I was talking to someone yesterday, and she asked me, how did my angel made me feel? I told her that with her I felt complete; it is not always that you can find that kind of feeling; some may never ever find it . I had it once but it has gone too soon. As for now, I am trying to cope with my new found freedom/burden of walk again and also get myself in the zone for the Friday the 13th gig tomorrow after which it is time for me to drown myself in sorrow again and find comfort where it always can be found - at the bottom of every bottle.