the broken piano player: friday 13th

Just hours away from the Friday 13 gig and I am feeling a bit cranky. Could be the lack of sleep or it is just pure mood poisoning on my part. Got the whole play set ready for tonight , but I wouldn’t be on vocals on any of the songs tonight because I am still having a really bad cough and I wouldn't wanna cough out flam unto my audience, might as well keep my more shut and be one of the regular musician. Damn the cough, I have been coughing so much lately till my head and neck hurts. Anyway, something definitely different tonight, because we will be doing a acoustic rendition of “the hand that feeds”, with just piano and vocals. I hope we can quiet the crowd down tonight because this is sort of a rather sort, haunting and quiet version of that song. We never done it before but I hope we can pull it off tonight. It has been so long since I have performed on the piano, I have always been comfortable behind the guitar but we will see how it goes tonight. You can always practice your guitar till fingers bleed and you know it is enough practice but what about the piano? Play until your fingers drop off? i have just taken out the practice session for the last song, because after uploading it to lifelogger, the quality of the sound was greatly compromised, so sorry no ear tart for y'all.

inspi[red]: Friday the 13