We drove 40 minutes to the place and had a light dinner at least for the vocalist and backing vocalist, because we wouldn’t wanna let the crowd hear them burp on the microphone while singing right? For once, I am not going to be on the microphone at all, so I pretty much can stuff myself with food of any kind because it was on the house-[cheapstake]. So I had cream of tomato soup and a side of greens with calamari for starters, a medium rare steak with burgundy sauce with half a corn and to top it off waffles a la mode for dessert and then wash it down with a glass of Merlot. What a way to start the night, but hell how wrong was I. An hour to go before the gig starts, I felt like puking. Lesson learnt, never fill up your gas tank to full when you are about to do a gig even thought you are not singing. 10 minutes before the show, the place dims its light and started to ignite the lighting for the show, it was all red. If you walk in just in the nick of time as the lighting changes, you could have swore, you just walk right into hell. It was so red that it felt hot but the thing is the air conditioning was frozen cold. The theme for the night was Paint It Red which was going to be our promotional single and we have asked the audience to wear red, and some of them did. This event too was a charity of because 40% of the tap will be donated to the natural disaster funds for the people of China and Myanmar. The show went great and we didn’t expect such a big turnout. But in the end, everyone played well, no screw ups, the crowd was friendly and I didn’t throw up. As for the last song which I was suppose to play on the piano, it turned out pretty well, kinda shaky in the beginning but it ended with the whole house singing along. It almost fell like it was in church on a Sunday morning, where everyone were standing up and singing along while the piano accompany them except of course we weren’t singing hymn and we were surrounded by booze. The night ended with me and the guys drinking the night away, which I have already intended to do. As a matter of fact this time I am doing it for a good cause. But too much of a good cause has left me sober for days…

the broken piano player: friday 13th
inspi[red] : friday the 13th