Should I be feeling jealous, because my dad never seem buy me any toys that I wanted. But look what woawoa got yesterday. Well, I would if I still had a mentality of a 5 year old kid, but I knew we were a poor family and I am not as fortunate as the kids who seem to have it all, nevertheless I had a happy childhood. But as I walk around my room swimming around my thoughts, why do I always remember the time that he let me down and not the time which we came through for me? Maybe I am just human, and human tend to always remember other’s fault then be in gratitude. I know coming from a really Chinese background family, sons rarely talks to the father, but for the three years we never talked, I blamed you for letting your own daughter pushed you around and yet still stand by her side. I can never understand what went in your head and why you choose to suffer? But I when I was laying flat on my back, when I have lost everything, you took me in without even a question or doubt, it made me realized and I finally understand where all those compassion and love comes from. Yet I am still lost for words. I can go on writing lines upon lines of how much I appreciate you but words just don’t seem to come out of my mouth. If only I can send out this message from my heart to yours without speaking, it would go like this….
“Just like the sunny days that I ignored, I am sorry that I took you for granted and for the wasted years that I have put between us. Please forgive your son. And if I don’t make it, please know that I loved you all along. Happy Father’s Day!”