lights in the sky and i am leaving for north american soon

And all the NIN’s fans rejoices again as Trent Reznor gives away another set of high quality new songs MP3 in a form of a EP which is call Lights in the Sky over North American 2008. It is actually a sampler with 5 songs from five bands, check out the song listing on the back cover. Check out “Does It Offend You, Yeah?” – We are Rockstar, that is my favorite track in the EP. When besides having a new free EP, another thing to rejoice is after touring with Guns N Roses, Robin Finck is back as NIN’s lead guitarist and there might be future collaboration with Reznor. But the best news is I am going to Watch NIN live for their Light in the Sky across North America 2008 Tour and “Does It Offend You, Yeah?” is the support band. Checked the tour dates and I think I will be making for the August 29, 2008 show in Philadelphia, but the pre-Sale tickets has already sold out , dang. So I have try out my luck there. BTW, I am heading to the States 15 of July. YAYY!!!

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