How to make a Bomb: Anarchist’s Recipe for Bombs using Household items

Learn how to make how to make aerosol can bomb, car bomb, DVD shit bomb, double AA battery bomb, Molotov cocktail, fertilizer bomb and napalm for the purpose of Jihad, staging protest and also blowing up models from Mongolia. Ever have a dream of becoming a demolition or a pyromaniac? Have a signboard or a fucking wall that is blocking your view and you wished you could just burn it to the ground? Sick and tired of being pushed around by the police or FRU because throwing rocks at them just doesn’t seem to get the work done? Always being called a useless peaceful protestant that is always bullied by the institution? Sick and tired of getting your resume rejected by the terrorist guild because you have no skill in blowing up thing? Or you have a Mongolian model that you wanna send to oblivion by blowing her up to smithereens? Look no further, because today Mr. x is going to show you his anarchy recipe book. Mr. x is going to show you how to blow things up. Well, you might find ways of constructing a bomb from the internet but most of the time, the ingredient of making the bomb is either illegal or impossible to get. Therefore, today, little boys and girls, we are going to learn how to blow things up and make bombs with daily things that is readily available.

Things you need: an aerosol can and a bon fire.

Blowing things up needs prep work and it is an art. But if you are just too lazy for the prep work, here is one for you. This is the easier way of creating a blast. Take an aerosol can and throw in into a bon fire and shout fire in the hole. For better effect or bigger blast use a can of WD40.

Things you need: a car and an oily rag.

Fill the tank of the car with petrol and then leave the car’s petrol tank lid open, shove in the oily rag half way in, ignite the rag and run like hell. If you think you are a natural sprinter, forget about the oily rag, just throw a lighted cigarette butt into your petrol tank and run like hell.

Things you need: DVDs, shit and high voltage light bulb and garbage bag.

Take a bunch of DVDs and place them in the bottom of a large garbage bag then fill the rest of the bag with shit from any toilet. Tie the bag and place a high voltage light bulb under the bag. When you are ready to explode the bomb, turn on the light. Within seconds the bag will begin to melt as well as the DVDs. The methane from the shit will start to mix with the DVD residue. When a DVD bursts into flame, you will destroy your whole neighborhood from the blast, if not the smell from the shit.

Things you need: Batteries AA Durecell or Energizer does the work just fine, 2 bottle of 16 oz Bleach, a empty 2 little bottle, hammer, a nail and a saw.

Take a battery, and set it up vertical, so the negative side is facing towards you.(That's the flat side to those who don't have a clue of what I'm talking about) Now, while holding the battery with one hand, take the nail and place it on the center of the negative side of the battery with the point of the nail against the battery. With the hand that it holding battery, you should also hold the nail in place. Gently, and I mean gently, tap the nail with the hammer until a tiny hole is in the battery. BE CAREFUL WHILE DOING THIS!!!!!!! Batteries are under pressure from the chemical reaction that takes place in them, so move your head to the side, you don't want to get sprayed! A little air should spray out of the battery, this is good, you just relieved the pressure and now the battery is basically harmless. Now, however you can get the battery open is your choice, I prefer using a hacksaw and sawing it lengthwise, but whatever you want to do. Once it's open, you will see a whole lot of black stuff and a rolled up piece of paper in the middle with silver chunks of metal. The black stuff is Magnesium Oxide, this is what you want to collect.(The silver stuff is Zinc) Use the nail to scrape it from the battery, never your hands. It contains a small amount of Sulfuric Acid in it, not enough to harm you, but some people react to things different than other people. If you have gloves, use them!!! Once you have all the "Black Stuff" from the battery, let it sit for about an hour in the sun or under a light, this will dry it out. Once dry, crush it into very fine granules so there are no chunks. (You don't have to let it dry, but the bomb will be better if you crush it up.) Alright! You're almost done, all you have to do now is pour 2 16oz. bottles of Bleach (Hydrogen Peroxide) in the 2 liter bottle and add the "Black Stuff!" Viola!! There’s your bomb! Screw the cap on as fast as you can, make sure it's tight, real tight, throw it and run! You should have a very nice explosion in about 10-20 seconds!

Things needed: oil rag/tampon, bottle, gasoline.

The classic Molotov is a glass bottle filled with gasoline; an oily soaked rag is placed in the neck of the bottle. The rag is lit on fire and the bottle is thrown and Kaboom. Alternatively a tampon that is soaked in gas is used rather than an oily rag; place it on the side of the bottle neck. Then, tie a rubber band around the tampon. Make sure the bottle has a cap on it. Light the tampon and throw hard. With this ignition method, the bottle must break! Instead of just using petrol, to enhance the flame, mix 50% petrol and 50% motor oil; But if you wish to set a wall or billboard on fire, you will need a stickier and yet flammable mixture, to do so you can use this mixture: 50% petrol, 25% tar and 25% grease.

Things needed: Petrol, ammonium-nitrate based fertilizer and a plastic bottle.

This is highly explosive and lethal, mix ammonium-nitrate-based fertilizer with gasoline. Just stuff the bottle with this mixture and light the fucker. This method should be made with a plastic bottle so that it will not break on impact. When you light it, the bottle will quickly explode so be quick.

Things needed: Petrol, Styrofoam

Mix petrol and Styrofoam in a thick bowl, keep adding small pieces of Styrofoam until it does not delude in the petrol, the mixture will be like thick sticky syrup and you have it –Napalm. Do not touch it with your hands. Napalm is highly flammable, so be very careful.

Disclaimer: The preparation of these bombs are very dangerous, so Mr. x and this blog do not take any responsibility on the count of your dumb ass and also for the things that you blew up or is going to blow up, i.e. your secondary school discipline teacher’s car. Thank you and have a nice day!