where do bad folks go when they die...

The characters featured here is NOT and I repeat NOT fictional characters. They are all living and breathing individual which might just be staying next to you. This could be the alcohol or the drug inside me talking but before this life is done, I just wanna let out some skeletons but I wouldn’t go as far as letting out their full names, I guess if that individual happened to read this, I am pretty sure, you know who you are. Being in the church’s ministry and the board of committee for 3 years, I have seen enough to know that all these people have one thing in common, that is deceiving people with their believe, preaching what life is worth and covering their own sins with the church, letting their demons can run around free because no one can suspect a damn thing.

Meet Mr. Will, insurance sales person and the chairman of the church, a dedicated father of 3 and the hardworking church chairman who always seems to appear so when the other church members are around. Always late for church board meetings and always looking for an excuse to end the meeting as soon as possible; uses his influence to sell insurance plans but make you think that he is actually taking the opportunity to sell Jesus while doing business. Uses the church’s list as his contact list for his own gain; Last seen explaining a new plan at a gospel rally.

Meet Mr. Hel, church’s treasurer and also a financial controller of a renowned construction company in Malaysia. Always has no idea what is going on in the church, whether he is acting up all blur of just choose to ignore about it, we don’t know. Doesn’t do the church accounts himself but lets his subordinate do it for him, as a matter of fact, the only time he lay his eyes on the accounts is when he signs it. Been known to put his own money into the churches account when the books and statements are not balanced. It seems to easier that way.

Meet Mr. Lio, an engineer by profession and person in charge of the church's ministry, always seems to be zealous for the Lord and have a good plan for the betterment of the ministry but it goes as far as the talking in the meeting only. He always maintain a smiling smile and greets everyone in church with a big wide smile. Last seen smoking and cursing at the local Kopitiam (coffee shop).

Meet Mr. Lio II, younger brother of Mr. Lio and second person in charge of the church’s ministry, last seen borrowing money from his elder brother for an abortion job for his Indonesia maid and also the only person I know with a collection of gay porn in DVD.

Meet Pastor Leong, pastor of the church, widow and mother of 2 sons who doesn’t even want to stay in the same house with her. Always bad mouthing about how the other church committee is badly treating her and goes on her frequent “visit” to church member’s house for pasturing word or just to rally more people to be on her side? Last heard, she has been billing her own expenses to the church account.

Meet Elder Ong, goes around to houses teaching Christian parents how to keep their children in line. With just a phone call, he would gladly come to your place, and smack some christian sense into your kids like ripping off the posters and burn all the rock and metal cd that you children has and also takes away, anything that is deemed not Christian from your house. Last thing I heard is he has disowned his gay son.

Meet Elder Sim, a man that holds so tight to the word of God that he strongly disallowed a lady who had a past in sleeping with other people’s husband to be a church member, asking her to go to another church. Last heard, he himself was asked to leave his post of an elder for accusation of molesting his Indonesia maid.

Meet Deacon Lee, leader of the choir, sing and lead the choir very well. But so it seems, he usually have his training in the sleaziest KTV in town. Was last seen at the red light district with a very young Malay girl.

Meet Mr. X, in charge of the music ministry something that he didn’t want to do at all but was forced into doing so because the pastor thinks he owes it to church for the years of free Sundays schools, Bible Class and bible camps and seminary courses; an alcoholic, fornicator and listens to Marilyn Manson. Last seen leaving the church because seeing that it was all a big fat fucking lie and willing to take his chances in Hell than be associated with these bunch of people. Then again, they might be joining me in Hell, ohh!!!bummer!!!

I am not saying that all the churches are like that, because when I was brought up, it sure hell seems like a perfect church to me back then , but after you been in the committee and you see how things works. It is as dirty as butt hole politics can be. It is not my style to rant about someone or anyone, but i just gotta get rid of this Jesus choke hold that is squeezing my fucking neck for so long. There you go, I have just gotten rid of the crucifixion cock stain from my side of the bed that has been haunting me for years and I am feel free.