I spy with my eyes...hot Malay models in the dresser

I was sitting on my usual seat in my cyber café on a Sunday afternoon which was situation on the 2nd floor of a shopping mall. There was shit lot of commotion going on the ground floor of that mall because there was some fucking Malay wedding festival going on there. Usually I wouldn’t give a fuck on what is happening down there, but until some hot Malay models that showed up. Well, to be frank, there was only two hot ones, the rest of them was too tall and skinny, from far I could have sworn they look like skinny guys in dresses. All of them were there to take part in the bridal fashion show. As I looked down from my first class seat in my cyber café, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a huge uncovered area in the changing area, of which I was instantaneously and accidentally turned into a voyeur. [Definition of Voyeurism from the wiki: the sexual interest in spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or urinating and a Voyeur can define someone who receives enjoyment from witnessing the above activities.] So armed with only the fucking webcam from my seat, I would do what a blogger does best, snaps lotsa picture and blog about it. But being that I could be slap with a lawsuit because in most country voyeurism is a sex crime therefore, I will just keep the juicy picture to myself and published some that gives you a rough taste of how it is to be a voyeur. Anyway, this isn’t something we should be proud of because I am not very into voyeurism; I prefer it when it is done intentionally. Anyway, I hope the management of the mall do something about the huge hole in the dressing room, if not I will just have to do something about it, like building a peek show booth in my cyber café for the next fashion show, hmmm I think there is another fashion show coming up soon and I will be damned if the next fashion fair will be a swimwear fair.

Lastly I leave you with my favorite piece by French painter Fragonard's The Swing depicts a voyeur hidden in the bushes. As the lady goes high on the swing, he tries to take a take a mental picture of her exposed genitals since there wasn’t such a thing as digital camera during that period, but we sure hell know that voyeurism has been there for some time and who am I to let this tradition die off?