is a stranger that I didn’t count on meeting. Turning me into a victim or maybe a volunteer? But I know it can just disappear like a rose in the garden. Because I am sure there is nothing quite like it . Even for a first timer, you can swear to God, you will know when it is over. It could heal a cripple heart or make it dead. When there is someone in your heart sitting behind you, there is no way to stop keep looking over your shoulder or pretending to rub your shoulders for dandruff. Because it just makes you do the dumbest thing and yet justifies it. I haven’t notice till now, somewhere in her smile there’s an invitation, calling me back in to the dance, I can’t deny from the height of that beautiful moment, because there’s nothing like it ever. There’s nothing, no weight when you find it , it is flying without compromise. I know, I’m sure because I have been there before and there is nothing like it in the world -