I am the low art Gloominati, and I aim to Depress

Just finished working on the bitch blog and now I am working on giving this blog a new face. I have been contemplating on what theme I should go for this time but being I am still in love with red, black and white, so I’ll just play around with these colors. This time round, instead of doing all the work on another blog and when I am satisfied then I will only move the codes; I have decided to do the whole damn thing here. Actually I have been working on the art work for quite some time, therefore piece by piece I am going to assemble all the ready art work on this blog. So for the next few days there will be continuous tweaking of this blog. So if you see this blog's layout constantly changing, well that is just me being fussy.

Anyway, I don't think there will be any new post at least until I am partially content with the layout. You know I can never be 100% content with it that is why I said partially. So I will use this post as my production note for this new blogging era that I am ushering you in. So let me be the first to welcome you to the age of xniquet's Middle Finger Technology (MFT). As you can see, MFT isn't really related to any techno theme but more like a Burlesk theme will reveal more on the introduction post. So far, most of the changes have been made but I am still not too content with the graphics. Therefore I will be spending more time tweaking it. I shall end here today with today's screen shot as a record of what I have done today.

Some elements that have been an influence to me for coming up with this era to-date are the recent political drama in Malaysia, the Omen movie series, the Antichrist, Salem Kirban’s novel 666 and 1000, Alter Bridge’s Metalingus, Slipknot’s Dead Memories and my recent trip to a Burlesk Club in LA. A gif banner is being used again, somewhat like in Sum Zero’s Ghostblogger era, I have also move the search box right on top instead of being right down below. I did a set of Icon to be the navigation but decided to use Burlesk advertisement found in newspaper as pictorial links. and today, I have decided to flip the text to the left side and the TV bar and links to the right because it kinda looks floating when the text was on the right side.

Since today is the anniversary of 9-11, I thought it will be nice to air some country music here to remember all those who have lost their love ones in that tragedy. I guess it will be nice to have come country songs playing here. But to be frank I think America has gotta into my head, i have never been a country music lover but these few days, I am beginning to like it and I have been playing it a lot on my iPod.