Where are You Going? Looking for Answers under the Stars

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Where are You Going? - Dave Matthews Band

This is my inaugural update from a cybercafe in hell. Let me paint you a picture of this shit house, it is fill with CRT monitor, the keyboards has been used as an ashtray and the mouse seems to be covered with some slimey substance which I hope it is not cum. Yes I am somewhere in the middle of Pahang and far from the comfort of my room and house to bring you tidings about the wedding, IT IS OFF and I just don't want to go in the details for now. Where am I going next I don't know but this is the perk of a person who hasn't got a job and has nothing to lose...Until my next destination, Ta.

P.S. there's no MSN here, so I am sorry for not being able to come in and say farewell. We will catch up some other time...take care y'all.