The Glass Slipper

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Does it occur to you that we are all living in this fucked up fairy tale? God in all his sick sense of humor made each and every one of us a character in this fucked up stage play. Let's take this for example, do you know that a condom is actually the glass slipper of our generation, you slip one on when you meet a stranger, then you dance all night. When you are done, you throw it away - the stranger and the condom. But every once a while something peculiar happen, you find yourself longing and you begin to think that the bullshit that you are feeling is love, so you set off to find your Cinderella. And when you do find her, only to realize that it was all a mistake because the stupid glass slipper you wore that night gave way and she is fucking pregnant. But hey, it could be worse, because Cinderella's husband might find out what you did to her and decide to cut off your fucking dick while you are sleeping and put it through a meat grinder. Well, you can run and hide but the determination of an angry man whose wife got screwed is going to hunt and track you down even if you are hiding anywhere in Indochina, he will be having thugs with sickles hiding in Padi fields, ready to slit your throat or if you run to the states, he will be hiring a Nigga with a gun hiding in a garbage can, ready to pop out like a Jack in a box to fucking put holes in you when you pass. We have seen this far too many times but you might be thinking "Fuck no; it will not happen to me." But this is what happens when you let your dick get the best of you. So the moral of the story is when you see a glass slipper remember condom; when you see a condom remember glass slipper. By now, you would have realized that what you have just read is actually the rambling of a person who is going mad, but if you feel the same, congratulations! You are one step closer on hitting the bottom and getting yourself thrown in a mental asylum.