The Golden Bar

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The pain slither from my toes through my nerves and down my spine and straight up to my brain, I couldn't but to shudder. All the money that I spent on getting pedicure have left me somewhat a noob in cutting my own toe nails that eventually led to my toe nails growing inwards, thus making a deep cut on my toe flesh. I ignored the pain when it first started but as I drove on for days, the pain started to grow and the cut kept getting deeper. Now the pain is so intense or should I say it is just one cunt hair from being legendary. Then I remembered someone told me that if you want to make the pain from cuts go away fast , what you need to do is to take the current pain that you are feeling up to another level for a little while; when you go back to your initial pain, you will feel much better. This is easily done by sprinkling salt or lime juice on the cut. By the time I sprinkled lime juice on my toes, I couldn't even feel it anymore. But after a while, it was so true, the pain was beginning to feel much more bearable and I could drive further. But even being able to bear the pain now, I felt like my body was drained of energy and all I want to do is to lie down and be paralyzed like a spineless corpse. I looked at the time; it was already 10pm and that means I have been driving aimlessly from nowhere to nowhere for more than 10 hours; no wonder I was feeling weak. I stopped for gas twice but I hadn't refueled my body the whole day. I could really use a tall hard drink now, so I pulled over the first pub I came across in this god forsaken town and it just so happened to be called Golden Bar.

For fucks sake, I didn't know what has really gotten into me but the moment I stepped in this bar, a thought ran across my head, this must be the world's sleaziest bar. I could hear the blend of the humming sound of air conditioning and some old Chinese party background music, like the ones my dad used to have in his cassette collection. The place was so fucking dark; I couldn't even see my own hands in front of me. A waiter led the way with his flash light; I sat on one of tall stool at the bar. As my pupils starts to widen more, I begin to see the interior of that place.

The bar counter was just an ordinary tall wooden platform with no beer tap but it was filled with beer mugs, drinks coasters and ash trays. Behind the counter was a really dirty looking sink that is filled with dirty dishes that looks like it had never been clear for a long-long time. Next to the sink was a really old school stainless steel refrigerator; the last time I seen one of these antiques was when I was in primary school; the top half of the 2 door refrigerator was a glass door which you can see through, there were endless bottles of beer in it and at the top most part were some leftover food which I reckon should belong to one of the employee in this fine establishment. The bottom half of the refrigerator had a solid non-see-through door which I think is where all the ice was kept. I was never a big fan of beer, in fact I hated that shit and beer swelling is definitely not my strong point. But the only drink that they serve here is either piss or fucking beer; I had no choice but to order the smallest bottle of piss. No I mean beer. The bartender came back with my order - a bottle of Tiger, an un-chilled beer mug and a small dirty red plastic basin filled with ice. At first I wonder what the basin of ice was for but as soon as I tasted the beer, I knew immediate what it was for. The beer was warm and so I guessed the ice is to chill the beer but being such a shallow and small red basin, it would take ages to chill the beer. So I look to my left and right, to see what the others do with it and I found out that, the small plastic basin wasn't there to soak your beer bottle but it was to carry the ice for your consumption. Judging from the germ infested condition of the red basin and the first class hygiene of this fine establishment, I thought to myself, I should have ordered piss than beer.

Trying to keep my mind off the piss warm and not to mention disgusting taste of the beer, I divert my attention to my surrounding. As I look around this bar, there wasn't much people around, the high tables and high stools were mostly empty; there was a couple of ladies and waiters around, some sitting down, some standing and some playing with their cell phone. On the far end of the bar, there were booths arranged in a row which I couldn't see through because it was still very dark. The thing that was between the outside and the inside of the booth was some kind of a curtain that was made out of shinny beads. But every time as someone came out of the toilet which was located behind, the toilet lights shine in and I could roughly see those booth were not empty; the beads curtain didn't fully cover the whole door way into the booth. I could see people's ankle and almost all the booth was filled with people. Later I found out that those were private/love booths and there is where most of the patrons like to go in; there is also where all the action takes place. How do I know about it? Well, because before the night ended I was in one of them booth, getting my face pressed against some boobies.

But before I go into what happened inside that booth, let me take you a few moments backwards before that.  A lady,  Bob hair-style, dressed in a tight white tank top and short jeans came up to me; She was petite but with fucking breasts that could easily fucking feed 10 -15 famished infant; her bra was dark in color but I couldn't really make out the actual color but I am very sure it was the laced type because the lace pattern was pressed all over her super tight tank top. I couldn't see her face clearly but I would say it was kinda pleasant looking. If I were to guess her age, I would say she is probably 25 years old at most but then again she could be 35 or maybe 15, one just simply doesn't walk in a sleazy bar and guessed the fucking age of the girls there with accuracy. I am pretty sure she didn't wear any perfume because the only scent was the smell of talcum powder on her. I knew she was a Thai without even asking ; if you have been to a Japanese lounge or KTVs, you would know that Thai girls has this distinct high pitch voice, her voice immediately gave her nationality away. And this is how I was approached by a girl called "Noi"

I am tired now but my little tale isn't finished yet and I haven"t really gone to the part of what happened in that dirty little booth. So I promise as long as I still draw breath, I will continue this shit in my next post.