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Even in the mist of all the darkness, Noi was the type who could give you a "Zero to Hard On " below 10 seconds. Her not that pretty but pleasant features and all that mass behind her tight white tank top which is wrapped over hers, as if it was her second skin. She came up to me and stare hard at me as I was trying to swallow a mouthful warm bubbly piss-like beer; I pause as she tilt her head sideways to look for movement in my Adam's apple to see if that the repugnant drink went into my throat. I just couldn't hold in my expression, so she asked me if there is anything wrong with the beer, so I told her that I am just not a beer lover and also usually I don't take my beer lukewarm, I take them boiling hot . She laughed and told me that I should use the ice which comes with the package, thanks but no thanks. She asked me if she could join me; It wasn't really the firm tight boobies that seem to entice me but it was rather her friskiness and the notion of her coming up to ask me if the beer was alright that made me accepted her company.But if she starts with all the pesky soliciting, I will be out of her face in just two shakes of a lamb's tail.

Seeing that she was sitting next to me now, the bar tender automatically came over and ask her what she was going to have and she ordered a bigger bottle of beer for the both of us which automatically goes in my bill. Great, just what I fucking needed, it is not about the money but more piss to go around.

I sure fucking hope she drinks it all. She didn't solicit me but instead started on with some small talk which I was totally not in the mood for. I had to pull the plug before we drown ourselves with empty conversation filled with empty words; Before I let her butcher me with her banality, I decided to be a total disrespectful asshole and ask her how was her sex business is treating her? Just to remind you that she have not solicit me or mentioned anything about her being a hooker, so I was pretty much running on faith asking a question like that. She laughed and told me that it was all good and I commented that with those D cup asset , of course business are good. Men like huge ass cattle corn-fed boobies, especially middle aged "Ah Pek" (China man). Well, she agrees that all the most that comes here are only interested in her breast that is why she has returning clients. She told me that she prefers younger guys, because older man always seems to squeeze her tits so hard that it becomes painful. I asked her does it bother her that men only like her for her breast and not her. She said no, it is good for business, it makes her marketable. As a matter of fact she was proud of it and she massages it daily just to keep it firm. Suddenly there was a pause as a wild though escapes my head, I have this sudden surge of wanting to reach down her tank top and grope a feel of that breast meat. But another sip of the horrible beer saved me and all that animal instinct just dissolved. Knowing that I should changed the topic from her breast to something else was necessary, I asked her about the private booths in that bar.

She offered to show me; she asked me to pick up my drink and led me into one; the fucking love booth was actually a real small area of 1.5 square meters and surrounded by ply wood and is separated from the outside by two curtains a black one and one made out of beads. That is why I couldn't see through. There was a small fucking wooden sitting bench, the type which Jackie Chan used to use as a weapon to fight in his early Ku Fung movies (Drunken Master 1). We placed our drinks on a really small coffee table and then I planted myself on the wooden bench trying to make myself comfortable. As soon as Noi made sure that the curtains was nicely shut, the booth suddenly turned really dark, just like when I first stepped in the bar. Then without a warning, Noi was all over me, if there is ever a way to define what a thousand hands Buddha is, this was it. I don't know how she does it but she was working her magic of groping, touching, and rubbing me all over. So many places at the same time, man, she was elite. Her hands was all over my crotch area, her chest pressed hard against mine and her mouth was next to my ears, sucking my ear lobes and making the most ridiculous fake moaning sound I have ever heard. I must say that all the touching felt kinda good but the fake moan was really a turn off. Then she lifted up her tank top to reveal her tits and elevated her body and used her tits to press against my face. If there is a time to feel good about being slapped, this was it. She was giving me a titty slap. A titty slap is when your face is being place in between the cleavage and your cheeks are being slap by the breast. It was every naughty boy's wet dream to be slapped in this manner. But in the mist of all these, I suddenly realized that I just couldn't go on with all these, until my conscious is clear; until I have clear my mind of that something or someone. I just have to flush it out of my system before I could really bring myself to enjoy what this over enthusiastic sex machine is doing to me. Yeah I know it is sad but it is hard to do something when you have something or someone clouding your brain. So I close my eyes and I ran my fingers slowly up her bare tights, working my way to her inner tights and towards her crotch. God...Please Lord...Please God...FUCKING PLEASE...PLEASE LORD...FUCK...FUCK LORD...PLEASE..No dick, no dick, no dick just can't be too sure of all the products that come out of Thailand.