She is Going Back with Me

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The World I Know - Collective Soul

You think you are going to be doing this forever? You think you are going to outlast time? The problem is, now you have the ability but the thing about ability is that they don't last. Your days are numbered and it is ending one minute, one second at a time. That is the hard fact of life that your ass has got to be realistic about. But in this business there are a lot of motherfuckers who is not realistic about this. Motherfuckers who think their ass would age like wine, if you mean they turn into vinegar, you are right. But if you think it will get better with age, they don't. When you look yourself in the mirror, you will find your breast isn't as perky as they used to be or it isn't located where it used to be. When most guys would rather go for the younger girls than go with your enthusiasm and your experience, even when you are willing to lower your price; you know it is time to fold your cards. The moment you make that decision to quit, you will feel a sting because that is your motherfucking pride fucking with you. Fuck pride, it only hurts and it never helps. Noi most definitely knew this because she was your average sex for hire worker. She has been in this line of profession for 3 years and for someone in the sex trade, it has been a long time. Coming from a family who had nothing, 3 years ago, she was promised an overboard job in the sanitation field but how she ended up fulfilling men's pleasure is another untold tale. I asked her how does she cope with what she is doing, she simply told me that money may be one of the biggest motivation for her but at the same time, she have learn how to enjoy the sex. When men pay for sex, they expect to get the whole package. A good head and then some wicked humping. Foreplay to them is when you fondle their dicks while they sip their beer and there is no chance in hell they would stick their tongue in to the holiest of holies or chow down on some pussy. You just have to find ways to excite and arouse yourself than to rely on them clients.

So in that dirty scandalous booth of which the patron of the Golden Bar refer to as the love booth, I was caught in some sort of a meat entanglement with Noi; she was all over me; it was intense and if you have been having a long dry spell of sexless night, I bet your dirty ass that a lot of men are going to fall into her seduction, if not, suffer a death by having sperm rush to the brain. But somehow it didn't work for me; don't get me wrong, I am not saying that I am some sort of a super monk sworn to celibacy that has a super resistance to sex; deep down inside I am still flesh and bones and I admit that do find joy and indulge in various carnal pleasures and fantasies. But coming from the state that I am in, it would take a shit load of Viagra to ever give me a hard on; even if she manage to get my "man stick" to stand up, the only sex position that I can ever perform would be a "Dead Fish Position" of which I will be playing the role of the dead fish and that would pretty much be like necrophilia, wouldn't it? I guess all her teasing tricks of the trade to sexually arouse me just didn't pay off today. Not only I was corpse like tired, one of my firmest and treasured believe that I hold tight to is that I don't believe in paying for sex. It is not that I look down on sex workers or anything, I totally have no problem with them and I respect them. I have no problem shoving my dick in a public places but I believe that sex should be done freely, in terms of money or will. Paying to get laid is something that I have never done before. You know as I lay there, Noi was pulling out all her trick to get me to go to bed with her; the thing that was going in my head wasn't should I or should I not bang her like a drum tonight? The first thing that came to my mind was, she is Thai and with the mention of Thai, the first thing that comes to mind is Transsexual. The only sane thing to do was to reach down and brace myself for a confirmation. 

Hallelujah! No dick! The feeling of happiness and relieve only lasted about two shakes of a lamb's tail, when the feeling paranoia started to creep in again. What if Noi had a sex operation? You just can't blame me because she was from a country famous for girls with willies; she could look like that Aliza Elizabeth, but it is still damn gross. Hey, no matter how major of a crush I have on Aliza if she previously has a dick a Man-vagina is still a no go for me. Selah[Hebrew].

I put Noi to a standstill as I pretend to ask her about the charges for her services and just like a pushy multi-level marketing direct selling representative who is so willing to trap you like a fly and sell her product, she started to lash out what she have to offer and presented her indecent proposal. If you are planning to make a quick cum in the booth, hand jobs are at RM50 and blow jobs are at RM100; but full frontal straight up sex are forbidden in the booth, but you are allowed to take the girl up to a room on the third floor where you can screw each other抯 brains out and also you are treated to whatever special skill the girl has to offer; Noi's special skill is her special blow job which if directly translated from Cantonese it means "Ice-Fire-Wind Blow Job" a blow job which includes ice cubes, warm water and Hacks (a minty cough drops). The whole fucking (verb not adjective) package will only cost you only RM200 per shot but if you are a long distance fucker or the hard to cum type, it will be RM250. Condoms must be used at all times while fucking, if you haven't got any, an additional RM5 will be charged for the use of house condoms. But if you are in the mood of having an all night long fucking session, she can be yours for the fucking pleasure for a one off sum of RM400, but this only applies after 1am and you will have to provide your own hotel room and she must be transported back by 12pm the next day. Looking at Noi and her drape-less breast as she carefully explain to me the terms of the engagement, her ability to sell just wasn't there for me, all I had in my mind was her gender; so I ask her bluntly and she offer my hand a little tour down under and beneath her panties, which I decline. But her sincerity was enough to convince me that she was an XX but it wasn't enough to make me wanna engage in any sexual intercourse with her. I told her that I was dead tired from traveling the whole day and I would take a rain check. But seeing that the time was almost already 2am and I was her last hope for the night. She tries even harder to solicit me to take her overnight and she would even throw in a Thai massage as part of the package. Tempting as it maybe but the flesh is weak and I don't see any way around it except for me bailing outta there right after I finish the fucking nectar that this fine establishment had to offer. And in her desperation, she suddenly took out something that would instantly make me a fish getting its mouth caught in a huge hook. It was in the form of a small tablet and there was an "X" imprinted on it. Even though my physique triumphs over my lust but it was my addiction that got the best of me. Noi has finally gotten what she wanted because somehow she knew that all I needed tonight was to party; party with ecstasy. I paid the full amount and we were out of the golden bar's door and on our way to get a room for the night. I do not know what the night holds for me but you just can't trust a man when you give them booze, ecstasy and a hooker. I don't even fucking trust me?