I Resolved to Never Again Resolve on New Years' Day

playing on my iPod:
Epiphany -Staind

So if you have been a fucking failure all your life, I guess it is a good time to pen down or published on your blog, a couple of resolutions just to keep your spirits high, that way it might just get you through another fucking year. But deep down inside you and I know it is bullshit to make lame resolutions, every fucking New Year. Because it is not gonna change a goddamn thing, it didn't fucking happened last year, it didn't happened the year before or the previous years and it sure hell ain't gonna happen this year or the next years to come.

The cold hard fact is this is your fucking life and it is so ironic to say that this is your life when all you ever do is what other people tells you to and wants you to do; from the day you are fucking born till the day you turn into maggot food. How sad is it to claim to have control of your own destiny when you are always dancing to the tune of other people's crap. Don't ever get me started with all the shit that your fucking religion has to say about God's fucking mysterious plan for you and me. Because you are not special, you are not a unique snowflake; you are the same organic heap of shit that has been created to plague and leave your stench on this earth, and you will die one day, bringing nothing you own with you and that is the fucking truth. And when you have that fucking epiphany, come to your fucking senses and you finally realized this shit right here, it is too late, because you are rooted in too deep and you are way over your fucking head in this fucking life, it is my cue to bid you welcome to the first day of the rest of your fucking pathetic life.