These Little Girls Make Me So Exhilarating

playing on my iPod:
Love is Only a Feeling - The Darkness

She was dressed in tank top and skin tight jeans; her skin was flawlessly white even in the bar’s poor lighting; her body was poetry in the breast and the ass; she was giving me the most rock solid hard on I ever had since this year; still it wasn’t enough to convince me to take her home. But it was something else that I succumbed to; I lose my mind every fucking time I see her sexy collar bone. I pictured her in a red lingerie, crawling on her hands and knees, as she climbed over the table and press her chest unto my face and I could fucking smell her collar bone, the whole scene was just like that Whitesnake’s music video that I watched last week. Bloody hell, I was at the verge of exploding in my fucking pants, this was my Achilles’ heels. I fucking gotta have her tonight.

But as we were getting ready to leave the bar, my friend the bartender pulls me over to reveal something…

I swear to fucking god that I didn’t know she was just 15. Goddamn motherfucker, all the money that we pissed on fucking 3 piece original recipe dinner plates and this is how KFC repay us by serving us steroid pumped fried chicken and turning our generation of youths into pre-matured mutants with big breasts and thick asses. I bet your horny ass if you pop the hood, you would find the bush between the legs so thick that it will put a man who has been trying to grow a goatee all his life to shame (i.e. xniquet). Even though it was so wrong but somehow the thought of popping that girl’s cherry like a zit (assuming it is still intact) was so exhilarating.

But hell no, it is totally not worth my ass to be thrown in jail for fucking a girl who is just a cunt hair from being legal. If I was to do time for having sex with a minor, she should be fucking younger. Just like an alcoholic swimming in a pool of whiskey, I am a dumb fuck swimming in a pool filled with horny virgins. I told myself that all this using my dickhead to do the thinking has gotta stop or it will eventually be my fucking downfall.

You ever wonder why the fuck guys usually get extra horny at New Years? I tell you fucking why, because their sex odometer or sex stat counter gets reset to zero regardless of how much sex they had last year and it is almost like all the male species simultaneously get re-hymenated at the strike at every New Years. If you know the male gender, they would rather commit Seppuku than be caught dead with their sex counter at zero. Billions of horny males across the globe trying like hell to get laid on New Year’s Day can’t be wrong.