Ayumi + Bikini + Short Jeans = Death by Hard On

playing on my iPod:
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Jack Johnson
(Anything by Jack Johnson is good when you are drinking away at a beach side pub in the day time)

Here's the fucking question. Who the fuck would wake up early in the morning, have a light breakfast and then go to a bar, drink till they get drunk, go home get sober and well rested before starting it all over again at night. Frankly there are only 2 types of crazy motherfuckers who would risk getting drunk in the middle of broad day light. The first one I guess you already know, commonly known as KELING a.k.a the drunkard Indian lorry driver with blood shot eyes who is always seen sitting in a China man coffee shop no matter what time of the day sipping their beer or Guinness stout; if you don't see them because of the poor lighting, you would probably smell their alcohol stench a fucking mile away. The second crazy motherfucker would be xniquet and the only cock-stain who would be crazy enough to tag along with his completely useless daytime-drink-till-you-get-drunk ritual are usually crazy bitches from Tokyo.

Norie who was out cold today courtesy of her vigorous beer swelling last night, decided to take a rain check and gave me some quality time with Ayumi today. Ayumi who was always ready and willing was up for anything. So we plan to go along with my bright idea that is to get drunk before noon, come home, sober up and get ready to party again at night.

Since Ayumi was nicely dressed for our first date, I needed to make myself a little bit presentable. So I wore a fish net singlet with a white badminton short that exposed most of my two tone tights, flip-flops and a cowboy hat to go with Ayumi candy stripe bikini top and short jeans that lets half her ass out.

Our breakfast was a muffin and a bottle of Gatorade that we purchased from the 7-11. Seeing that Ayumi was only dress in a bikini and a half-ass jeans, going to a China man coffee shop would only gave all the Ah Pek (old China man) having coffee there a hard on which would not be good.

After weighing the possibilities, we decided not to kill any Ah Peks today, so we headed to a place where people in really little clothing are always welcome - Tembeling Bay Inn's Malibu Bar which was open 24/7.

Since this would probably be my only one on one time with Ayumi, I've already something up my fucking sleeve. The best way to get inside a girl was buying her lots and lots of drink with supra ultra high alcohol content. It was a fool proof plan. I am going to get Ayumi as drunk as possible before I pump her like a fucking jam hammer.

...for information of course.

But somehow the more she drank the more excited and hyper she got; up to an extend that she was practically dancing to Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes and licking the decorative booze bottles in front of us which was making the other people around us feeling a little nervous. So I guess it was time for us to bail, head back and wait for round two tonight.