Cause I like to Party with the Naughty Japanese Girl

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Battle Axe - Deftones

I am such a big fucking faker; to myself that is. I fucking told myself that I wanted to be fucking different from the rest. When people go partying on weekends or the eve of public holidays, I would fucking stay back in my studio and get my work done and while the average working person goes to bed at 10pm on a work night, I shall head down to the club and party like it is 1999. But it is fucking hard to keep one's promise to oneself when you have the naughty Japanese girl and her gothic girlfriend staying with you under one roof. Yes, Norie kept her promise, one year after we met in Tokyo, she was here visiting me. I gotta hand it to these motherfucking Japs, they are really trustworthy people. That is a fucking rare value especially when you are living here; when was the last you ask your friend out for coffee when you told them "I will ask you out for coffee someday".The term "someday" that we Malaysian uses often means "when I am about to slap you with a wedding invite and don't forget the Ang Pow (Chinese customary wedding gifts in the form of cash)" or "When I need your help" or "This is my last chance to see you because I am dying of a colon cancer" or maybe never.

It was Norie and her friend Ayumi's first time in Malaysia, how can I deprive them of partying on X'mas eve? Norie told me that she was bringing me a gift from Tokyo and I sure hell wished that Ayumi was that gift. Ayumi was a lightning bolt of hotness. She has the look of a goth beauty (goth chic really turns me on) but somehow she doesn't speak much. All heads turned to look at Ayumi and what she was wearing when we stepped in 6 Underground Club last night. She practically worn something made for a Goth party - a black bodice, a really short skirt and boot laced up to her knees. The local girls don't usually put on such a show. Judging by the cold stares thrown at us, I guess Snake and I was the envy of all the other guys there. How could 2 butt ugly guys like us be in the company of two fine ass ladies? We partied so hard on that Christmas eve, that dear lord baby Jesus in his ghostly 2 x 4 fucking manger would be so goddamn proud of us.

I ain't no fringing Nostradamus but I can pretty much predict my life for the remaining days of 2008. With this two Kimono Party Geisha staying with me, it was going to be one huge ass party and it was time to bring my game up a level and fucking RAGE...

For those who don't know or can't remember who Norie is, here's something to stimulate your brain: The Naughty Japanese Girl