The Boyfriend Grocery Store

playing on my iPod:
Dried up, Tied and Dead to the World - Marilyn Manson

“Eh x, where to get a bf?”

“The Boyfriend Grocery Store”


“Really one, what type you want?”

“I want a Malaysian bf, let’s see…height around 180cm, medium skin color, not so fair not so tanned and catholic”

“Damn it’s hard like this; I’ll ask the question you answer.”


“Male or female?”

“Wtf! I want MALE!”

“Just wanna be sure”

“Range of his height?”

“hmmm…175 – 185cm….and weight is ... let's see 80 kg - 90 kgs”

“Smoke and drink?"

"Non smoker and social drinker”

“Anything else?”

“Malaysian in Indonesia”

"Aiya, don’t have la, Malaysian in Malaysia got la.”

“That one u no need to tell”

“Okay, got one almost everything fits all your requirement…”

“Eh...What is this site?? This one can !!!!”

“My special search engine. Wanna see his pic?”


“&*@^#&*@&^&$ . He's way beyond 88 kg”

"The bear or him?"


“But it says here he is 88kgs, maybe he is on some secret diet…”

“@&^#&*@^#&*@#^&*@#. U think how much he weight ?”

“Maybe 3 times my weight???”

“Ok go find another for me plsssssssss”

“Right, this one?”

“ -________- “

“Can u find a slim dude for me or not? %@%$@#%!^!”

“ Okie , okie..this one? 20kgs less”

“dun wan”

“ok I give up”

“I want a slim one”

“I doubt your taste”

“Getting more awful u know”

"Okies, chill, slim one coming"


"What about this one ?"

"Or this one?"

"[real name of xniquet] I WANNA KILL YOU"

"Why? Not slim enuff?"


"Okie okie, this is the last one, this is all this world has got to offer, so dun be so picky"

"puQma, dun wan to talk to you"

"Hey, but he is 500cm tall"