Tainted Sacrament

In my iPod: Bearing Witness - Collective Soul
State of mind: Confusion
Location: Mumbai, India

I guess a lot of you are still suffering from the aftermath of Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service, it was really a tearjerker. If I am not mistaken for most of you, it was the moment where Paris Jackson spoke. As for me, it was Magic Johnson’s story about Michael, himself and a bucket of KFC that left me all choked up. God, I fucking miss KFC; I am gonna get a bucket to myself later today.

So as Michael Jackson’s fans around the world are trying to cope and get over the sudden loss of their idol, I am too trying to cope and get over the fact that one of the most beautiful women in the world used to be a male. Just how fucking sad can that be? I know guys around the world must have had their tough time getting over Harisu when they found out about it a couple of years back but it was a very recent affair for me after I watched one of her movies.

Now how the fuck can this be? In my thesaurus, the word “Transgender” is always associated with synonyms like icky, gross, disgusting, revolting, repulsive, repugnant and it often brings out the meaning of words like puke, vomit, barf, spew, regurgitate, disgorge… you get what the fuck I mean right?

The term “Beautiful Transgender” has always been an oxymoron but Harisu has came out and proven it wrong. How can it be that a tranny can be so goddamn fine? If there is a beauty pageant regardless of sex, I think she would come up amongst the top. You see the disturbing part is even after knowing that she is a transgender, I was utterly disgusted when I caught myself Googling for pictures of her. Fuck man, when did this fetish for Harisu come about?

As you all may already know, she is now happily married with a guy which is pretty good looking I might say. But riddle me this, should I be happy or sad for him? Yeah, so he may have one of the most beautiful women in the world as his wife but dude, she used to be a dude like you. I wonder does he have mood swings and thoughts like this while fucking his wife: “Damn, I am the luckiest man on earth, I am banging the most beautiful women in the world” and when he comes to his senses: ”Ewwww… what the fuck am I doing? Technically speaking I am banging a guy that looks like a lady.”

For me, I fucking know that I really can’t get pass the same gender sex thing. Ladies might not fully comprehend the implication of this because generally all ladies are lesbian in nature but normal guys are generally homophobic; even talking to another guy on the phone or in a pub for more than 5 minutes seems gay to us. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if she was Susan Boyle that has gone through an extensive facial tweaking but a someone who used to have a penis is more than I can ever bear.

I really gotta get this Harisu outta my system before it turns me into a queer and the best thing to do is to go out to the streets of Mumbai to see some tranny that would put back the real meaning in the word “Transgender” which should rightfully mean “Ugly and Disgusting”

On another note, my search for an apartment and sitar guru have once again been put to a halt mainly because I just found out that my sweet computer technician (which is a FEMALE), installed Street Fighter 4 on my notebook and I was momentarily distracted. No worries, I told myself that I will be back on track…

… once I unlock all the hidden players and complete the game using all the characters. For the time being this is for all the mishap that happened to me in India:

Die Dhalsim! Have a fucking taste of your own medicine you yoga flame throwing curry motherfucker.

*Throws the peace sign

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