When I first saw her, I knew she was the one that I have been looking for all my life.

Tall, slim, jet black hair and fairly attractive was all I needed to pull me through this night.

What race? Look, I am not here to discriminate nor judge anyone by their skin color. So what if her skin is black, white, yellow or blue? My dick isn’t prejudice; I assure you it will erect if she is hot regardless of the skin color. But wouldn’t it be cool to have sex with a woman who has blue skin? It’ll make you feel like you’re in an Avatar theme porn flick.

But that aside, back to girl. I didn’t know what color her skin was because the lights were dim but I was ready and willing to go all the way with her that night. She may not be as beautiful as Kat Von D but she was good enough for a sleepover.

I couldn’t recall much on how I got her to leave with me but I remember it was real easy , almost a no-brainer and I didn’t have to pull out my bag of tricks. Come to think of it, this girl had the faraway look in her eyes the whole night and she seems to be crawling instead of walking all the way to where I parked my car. Hmmm… I guess that explains why there was alcohol fumes coming right outta her mouth when I was in between her legs. Oh well, no one got charged for rape, so it’s all good.

Seriously, I don’t understand why some people view “one night stand” as a degenerating act? You people shouldn’t believe everything the bible says. To me it’s a fun activity that everyone enjoys (unless you are not doing it right) and you can lose weight in the process too. I mean this is the only form of exercise that the busy working people do these days. You’ll always hear someone say, “I’m too busy to go to the gym” or “I don’t have time to go jogging” but never “I’m too busy to fuck that big boob whore”

Still think that “one night stand” is an immoral act? Well, let me show you the definition of “one night stand” according xniquet’s self-written dictionary:

“…is a GREAT activity that involves 2 strangers where a women strips down and rubs her body against a naked man's, the man will get horny and get a boner then the women lays down, bends over, lays on a table or washing machine, sits on the man, bends backward, legs behind ears or leans against a wall and the man proceeds to push his erected penis into the female's vagina continuously, causing her immense pleasure. She begins to moan until they reaches orgasm in which the man ejaculates and the chick fucking screams. When woman falls asleep, man will quietly gather his stuff leaving no trace that he was ever there, leave and never be heard of again. “

“…or in short, yes, you can safely say that it involves fucking”

I know that "one night stands" are not suppose to be kept in the very corner of our minds but ain’t life grand because most of us will never forget our first random sex and it will forever be burn into our permanent memory.

p.s.: Another way to define “one night stand” is “a pleasant way to get an unpleasant disease”

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