7 X Factors and of Cherry Popping

I am being tagged by the mother of my future godson/daughter and also the very pweetty Ericca (wink- wink). Ok, I think I did a similar tag like this before but instead of 7 random facts I was asked to write about 8 random facts. It would so simple to copy the previous post and take one of the post out ...:P but to live up to my reputation (points to the above) , instead of 7 random facts about me, I shall write 7 random Xmas facts about me :P

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, to let them know that they have been tagged and to read the blog....yada..yada..yada

x's 7 :

1 | On Xmas trees and Church

I was not born in a Christian family but I was sent to Sunday school at the age of 3. And I learned all kinds of things about Christmas (Long time ago in the city of King David... yada yada yada) from there. When I came back from Sunday school, I tried convincing my parents to get me a Christmas tree because it was sort of like a Sunday school project and every kid should have one at home: P They didn’t bought it, so I took matters into hands by bringing all sort of plants into the living room and decorating it with my little green plastic army men and Lego pieces, I made a bloody mess of the living room. They finally give in and that is how I got my first Xmas tree.

2 | On being a Churchie singing in a Choir

x started to join the church choir at a tender age of 7 even though his voice hasn’t break yet but he was already singing in the bass section (hence the macho voice now). The real reason of x joining the choir was because he had this major crush on a church choir chick who was like 6 years older and has a bf but he was a playa and a jerk. He played really good guitar and x think the reason he got that choir chick is because he could play the guitar. It is sad to say that the jerk was the one who got x started with the guitar but x self taught himself till he could whoop the guy’s ass in guitar, so that he can woo the choir chick, he even wrote a Christmas Cantata for the church choir that year but too bad x already lost interest in the girl.

3 | On Xmas Epiphany and Popping Xmas Cherries

At the age of 18, x was in college and finally knew what the true meaning of Xmas. –it is about getting wasted and getting laid. Not going to tell you what age I lost my virginity (will do it in another post) but it was on a Xmas, and have been popping cherries on Xmas ever since. In fact if you ask x what is the best present he ever gotten on Xmas, it is getting to pop cherries, statistically most of the girls get their cherry popped at Xmas, I don’t know why, it is maybe the atmosphere that creates a romantic setting or maybe girls are just basically gets horny on Xmas. Anyway, that should name it XXXmas instead of just Xmas

4 | On lame ass colleagues and Xmas Turkeys

When x was working in an accounting firm, Xmas was just a lame excuse for his colleague to organize over-priced Xmas gathering, and on top of that, you are suppose to bring a gift of a certain value and in exchange you will get back a gift which is so much lower in value and also where all colleague will pretend how good the fucking turkey tasted even though the turkey really tasted like shit, just because the boss sponsored it.

5 | On Marriage Proposal

X’mas was also the time where x proposed to his late wife. Maybe it is just the festive feeling that guys will have more guts to propose on Xmas without the fear of getting rejected. Phewww...x didn’t get rejected.

6| On x’s Xmas Darkest Secret

IF you ask me now, do I fancy Xmas, the answer is ”NO”, even though during Xmas season people seems joyous, happy and jolly. This only mean one thing, they are only faking it more than usual. I think Xmas is overrated and things are pricey, people who are usually assholes pretend not to like one, it is so bloody fake. To let you in a dark secret, x dreams of slitting his wrist on Xmas morning and bleed himself to death in a tub filled with absinthe.

7| On Xmas this year

This year’s Xmas is totally another first for x, because he is going to spent it in Japan for the first time, away from his family and Woa Woa and friends. So I am just going to dedicate this song for everyone… enjoy…

Thanks for the tag and I hope that Christians reading will not be offender with my twisted perception of Xmas.
End of Tag

Nice Things to Say on Xmas

Here are some “nice” things to say to people to Xmas to make the season more joyous… Here I give you some of the nastiest thing ever said by men. These are ‘Witty’ quotes that will be always remembered.

About a funeral:

The only reason so many people attended his funeral was they wanted to make sure he was dead.

To a Michael Jackson’s Fan:

Michael Jackson’s album was called “Bad” because there wasn’t enough room on the CD cover for “Pathetic”

On Relationship

People shouldn’t be treated like objects; they are not valuable.

On Losing Weight

She has not only kept her figure, she’s added so much to it.

On Forgiveness

One should forgive one’s enemies, but only after they are hanged.

On Nose Rings/Stud

He has so much fish hook on his nose, he looks like a piece of bait.

Finally, just to be an Asshole

When you see a lady with a “Guess” t-shirt on, go up to her and say, “ Thyroid problems?”

Disclaimer: xniquetx.blogspot.com will not be responsible if in the event of you being senselessly beaten up after saying the above to anyone.