Retro Party Part 1

Sorry for keeping you all my readers hanging like that, because I wasn’t quite done with my post but I wanted to test out the IMEEM Player that Calv taught me how to embed on my post, hence the incomplete post. Anyway, this week I have been crazily downloading all sort of new wave music from the 80s and I have been exchanging it from Evie too. Why? Because my friends and I are going to have a small gathering to send me off in style to Japan and also to pre-celebrate my birthday which is like a month away, but since I won’t be here, that is why they brought forward the celebration. It initially started as a simple gathering with food, booze, tunes and good company. But somehow, talking about it had made they all excited and they wanted to have a 80s theme party.

Introduction to the 1980s:

The 1980s, the era of long curly hair. The 1980s was also the death of disco, punk and whatever was left of the free hippies love movement. Where bell bottom pants turned in to tight pipe jeans (if you are a rocker) or Ali Baba pants (if you are into Canto-pop or MC Hammer) The period heralded a new era of video games (Atari games like Space Invader, Frogger, Mrs Pac Man), crappy TV shows (Knight rider, MacGyver), stupid soups opera(Dallas, Dynasty), music videos and Cher Hairdo rockers in their sister’s pipe jeans , the Cold War, He-Man, Mr. T and Rubix Cube,game and watches, moon walking and holding your crotch while screaming “OOOOOWWWWWWWWL”


Looks like I already have the songs I need for the party, now I need to create a play list and smack it into my iPod and the Tunes part is done…points at the 80’s party list way below, anyone anymore suggestion? Drop me the title and the artist…thanks.

Food and Booze:

I guess I need to read up a little on what sorts of cocktail were in the 80s and also what sort of food. So far Evie said that KFC bucket and bubblegum is big then; Cen suggested Lollipop, any more suggestion. Well, I am going to create something inspired by the 80s for that night, I’ll do it in another post for that.


This is the hardest part for me? How am I going to dress up like the 80s? My initial plan was to raid my sister’s closet in her old room and find whatever 80s clothes she have and be a 80s cross dresser. But after seeing her Madonna impersonation picture taken during the 80s and how much like a “SOHAI” she looks . I think I will just stick with 80s iconic costume. Alright this is where all my beloved readers comes in, yes that means you who are reading this, I have narrow down the icons that I am going to dress up as for the party and the power is in your hand to choose what I am going to dressed up as. Just vote for who I am suppose to dress up as and I will dress up as the person.

And the nominees are:

1#Mr. T

Since my hair is still short and I always wanted a Mohawk hairstyle. I wouldn’t mind shaving my head.

2#Boy George

Problem the most famous cross dresses from the 90s, I think my sister has a hat just like his. Next I need to do is get a wig and tie all sort of shit to it.

3#He Man

This probably the gayest cartoon from the 80s if you don’t believe me check it out HERE.

4#Anyone of the glam-rocker from Poison

All I need are my sister’s pair of tight pipe jeans, wig and steal my mother’s makeup and eye shadow.

You vote it and I will dress like it, anyway if you have any suggestion to make a 80's theme party more fun, do share. I would love to get some party tips from y'all on every aspect, from tunes, food & booze, dressing and even activities. And do enjoy the 80s songs below :)