Fried Sushi and Wasabi Mayo for the Souless

It was my turn to entertain my friends last night/early morning as we sat down to watched an old number at my place - Alien Resurrection. For those who has watched this movie, I guess you will you have to agree with me on this. Sigourney Weaver is damn tall and she has wrinkle all over her even her boobies. For the night I did some deep fried finger food to keep us warm on a thundering and rainy night.

First on the side was Deep Fried Sushi – with shredded Salmon and chili inside.

Second was Deep Fried Fish balls with Wasabi Mayo sauce and Black Sesame.

If y’all are interested in this combo dish, you can get it at x’s Bed and Breaky’s Lounge in the near future. Then again maybe try in another 10 years. Wukakakakaka.

For those who want to try it on your own at home, I’ll let you in my deep frying secret. 2 things, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs.