I am in Love with My Neighbor's Wife

After doing the KOKOLOGY in Cen’s blog, especially the one with the strawberry, I guess I have a story of the past to share too…

I remember when I was staying in the Ridzuan Condos across Sunway Lagoon. And given that Janice is, in fact my neighbor’s wife, the coveting would be just a little too close for comfort. In weaker moments, when she is looking at me without blinking for a dozen of seconds, I try to convince myself it is her problem.

“You are so easy to talk to” Janice said with her shinny eye bigger than a satellite dish. We were having our usual weekday morning coffee together in my apartment. She usually stopped by after her morning run around the pool every weekday for coffee and in the last 4 months, we developed a certain fondness with each other, mainly fueled by our living in the same apartment building and her husband who has to commute every weekday as early as 5am to make it in time for work. Every morning I see her collar bone poked out of her blue sweat shirt, her hair banded back revealing her throat and with her half carat ring wrapped around the coffee cup, she sipped her coffee. She is the sweet and flawless wife that every man fantasized about capturing, except her husband the sales rep, didn’t have to fantasize...Bah!!!

With Acoustic Alchemy’ classical guitar playing on my CD player, I was standing 2 feet away from her; I could felt her pulling me to her belly button. I could ever smell hair lavender hair wash, just one goddamned kiss…everything went quiet as I sway away into a series of mindless thoughts, then I hear her voice again and everything was back to normal again.

She was perfect, and perfectly out of the question. How could I find perfection in another man’s woman when I too already have one? The gravest were imagined and never tested. Does that mean I have already committed sin towards her husband?? Every time we met it was like two cannibals meeting on full stomachs, but deep down inside I was longing for more. Sometimes I really wished that I’d met her earlier. But if I had met her earlier, would she have been someone else? I can’t have her, is that why I want her so much??? I guess it is nothing personal, It’s only the ninth Commanment and people just love breaking the rules.

Some of you might remember THIS, if you listen closely to the lyrics you might know what this song was all about, rather than just body parts flown around.

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The Beginning of the Tag

Nux has tagged me to blog about my most common writing mistake. Sorry for taking so long time to complete this taggy (Errr ignore this line because I copy bulat bulat from Nux's post). Anyway, here it goes:

*Start copy paste*

What is my most common writing mistake?

Instructions: To play this game, all you must do is explain what your most common writing mistake is. Then, you simply tag five individuals for the meme. Those five people will, in return, tag five more people. Ultimately, readers should see a tapestry of common grammar and spelling mistakes. Therefore, anyone that is feeling ashamed of their errors will feel a bit more confident and secure. Copy the person and person’s name that sent it to you and add your own at the bottom of the list. It really helps build community.

Here are the answers:

Shine with Grace: Mixing the word “from” with “form” all the time.
Trinity’s most common mistake: I sometimes feel confused to use past tense or present tense when I share my stories.
LadyJava: typing too fast that sometimes I miss words in between.
Genie King: I type too fast too…always end up with “tot he”…when it should be “to the”.
Speedcat Hollydale: I “misspell” everything and forget to proof read b4 publishing.
Amel’s most common mistake: I find it hard to try to describe something as well as I want to due to lack of vocabulary, esp. when it comes to fashion or furniture or food. I don’t know much about those topics. Other than that, sometimes I write “aggressive” as “agressive”.
Jam: not really sure whether to use ‘can’ or ‘could’ as well as ‘will’ or ‘would’. What is the difference between ‘can’ and ‘could’ as well as ‘will’ and ‘would’. Can anyone enlighten on this point?
Nux: mainly typo errors. Sometimes being confused on whether to use past/present tense.

x: Funy yo shoulf aks me his quetion because before I tuld Punksterz that I was a Perfectionist , hence th anser is No, I dun't have any commmon writting mitake becase I am Perfekt ..YAY!!!

*end copy paste*

Since my perfection is enough to go around and rendering all the people I am going to tag perfect too and making them incapable of committing any mistake, so the tags ends here and I don't have to tag them.

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