Mini Woa Woa

Introducing the latest soft toy collection for 2008 - Mini Woa Woa. At RM50 per piece this is a handmade piece with original Woa Woa scent on it.

Pre-order one now !!!!

With th help of my mum, this piece was actually made for a close friends was leaving Malayisa to London, and she was so going to miss Woa Woa.

Actually, I was the one doing all the cutting, and my mum did all the sewing :P

Yes, they have identical pink top.

Mini Woa Woa trying to absorbed as much of Woa Woa's scent before she leaves to UK.

ZZZ together for one last time.

" All the best in London and I hope you miss me more than you miss woa woa okie..:P?"