As The World Spreads Its Legs

As the world spreads its legs, we will be looking at some facts and lessons in sex from across the world so that you can bring it to your bed at night. This post is basically teaching you how to fuck the world.

Fact: 20 percent of French people claim to have no interest in sex

Lesson: keep her hot to keep her interested

The French may be got in having infinite supply of wine, but that doesn’t keep your partners’ sex interest high. Here is a 3 step recipe to turn your partner into a hot fresh croissant

Simmer: the more you tease her during the day time, the more willing she’ll be at night.

Increase Heat: touch the underside of the breast too. It is more sensitive than the top side of the breast, and it is the area most men tend to ignore.

Bring to a Roaring Boil: Lie down on your back, with your partner straddling your knees, introduced her to your Eiffel tower; have her arc her back and lean back 45-degree angle, so that she can support her weight on the palms of her hands. Use shallow upward thrust to stimulate the upper wall of her vagina. This position allows you to hit the clitoris easily, as well as give her control over the speed and depth. This means more orgasm for her and more sack time for both of you.

Fact: 23 percent of German men are aroused by women’s underarm odor.

Lesson: your nose is a sex toy

German men are attracted to body odor because underarm hair sends scent-gland odors that intended to attract a potential male. But today we prefer our women to be shaved, as well as exude a less natural scent. Try misting her with sexual arousal, a perfume that combines the scent of cucumber, lavender and pumpkin. Men who smelled that scent will experience a 40 percent increase in penile blood flow.

Fact: 27 percent English men consider breast to be the sexiest part of the women’s body.

Lesson: Appreciate her breast even more than you do

Here is some lesson for:

Women with small breast: if you are with a woman with B cup sizes, try this position. Lie on your back with your head near the headboard, your knees up, and your feet flat on the bed. Lift your pelvis until your body is in a straight line between your shoulders and knees. (stick a couple of pillow under your butt to maintain the angle. Have her straddle you and then lean forward. She can brace herself by putting her hands on top of the headboard (or the wall). Gravity will draw her breast away from her chest turning her Bs into Cs right before your eyes (magic!!!). Fondle as needed.

Women with big breast: the best position is standing rear entry is the best because it perverts her breast from rolling and hiding under her armpits.

Fact: 30 minutes is the time an average man in Brazil last.

Lesson: Double your stamina

You can increase your stamina by reducing your muscle tension. The muscle tension is greatest when you’re supporting your own body weight. So the best position is to lie on your back flat; alternate between shallow and deep thrusting and use one steady rhythm. You will want to increase stimulation gradually, and the best way to do it is by making slow deliberate thrusting motions rather than fast, uncontrolled movements.

Fact: 5 is the average years different between spouse in Malaysia

Lesson: how to land on a younger woman

The best way of attracting younger women is to dress yourself at their age- but you will look silly at your age dressing up as a Back Street Boys. Instead convince her that marrying an old fart like you is the best chance at long-term happiness. Studies show that older husband and younger wives have a lower chance of splitting up. Remind her how happy Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall were.

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