Dinner with Norie

You know it is hard to be yourself when you are weighted down with such a holy, sacred and noble duty. I was sitting across Norie as her big round eyes sparkled, almost crystal-like, and her smile that could cause you to almost be at the verge of exploding in your pants. I was searching for the right time to pop the question. With sweaty palms on a 11' degrees night, I prayed like a bloody pagan to gods and angels or whoever would give me a sign.

Dear God, thank you for putting me in the company of such a fine piece of ass, but pretty please tell me when it is going to be my time? Show me a sign. Moses got a sign with you lid the fucking bush on fire, Smartass Peter got a sign for denying you when the duck livestock made some noise for three times. When Lord? When is mine? When LORD? WHEN? FUCKKKKKK!!!! (Sensed the pressure sinking in?)


And it happened but sadly it wasn’t divine intervention. But I think it was the Asahi beer that gave me the balls. So I just asked her straight to the face. After I just realized what had just come out of my fucking mouth, I started to panic and I could feel my face getting hotter. What if she gives me the “So I sold my soul to porn, so don’t you call me a whore” look and top that with a bitch slap across the face. Or maybe stone me with the Tafo which was in front of her? But that was not what happened. Her sparkling eyes grew bigger and the smile on her face on her smile wider and even sweeter and she said YES. And I notice one thing; I wasn’t out for dinner with any porn star. She was an Angelic Porn Star from the heavens above. I was totally captivated by the way she responded to situation and that made my face grew even hotter. She laughed and said that I was blushing but I said, I don’t blush and I put the blame on the beer.

I didn’t really ask her much on why she did it? But we talked a fair bit about the “Artistic” show that she was in. I asked her what the story was about and she said that unlike the porn from America who likes to make parody of famous movies e.g.: “Tarzan X”. Japanese porn is just straight about fucks, no script and no acting required. But sometimes the girls are required to play with some “toys” alone on the camera. I asked her would she mind if accidentally happened to watch her porn. She just laughed and pointed me to the direction or person that has a copy of it – Kenichi.

Towards the end of the night, I got a really unexpected question from Norie? She asked me, did I expect her to sleep with me because she was a porn star? Without a moment of hesitation I answered NO, I respected her for what she did and I wouldn’t take advantage of her. But after answering her that, somehow part of me wanted to kick my own ass silly, what if the hidden meaning in her question was,” do you wanna fuck me?” and I should have said yes and get lucky. So, it was back to the Annex Hotel for my sorry ass and hitting the shower without turning on the heater on.

I bet you think I was a letdown huh? But what you don’t get at night, makes its appearance in another form at lunch time, look what she made me for lunch today? Homemade Bento set. She said it was a way of thanking me for the nice time she had last night, especially watching me banging -----The Taiko drum game of course.

It was a really good attempt to make the Bento set "Kawaii" The lunchoen meat that looks like bio hazard sign is suppose to be flowers, but she intended it to be the head of Hello Kitty.