This is Evolution: The Monkey, The Man and The Thong

A Little update from hometown, mum has just sent Woa Woa to the groomers for her Xmas hairdo and she came back with an Afro hairdo. I really wanna see how she looks like now :S. It seems that from the 21st to 26th of December the authorities issued a warning that the east coast is going to be hit by heavy rain and high tide but according to my parents, the weather there is as dry as the space between a 50year old and still hitting the streets hooker’s legs. In fact it didn’t rain after I left :S.

Xmas is like hours away and I bet your donkey asses that y’all must have already gone through hell scouting, buying and wrapping those Xmas presents for your love ones. Let me ask you something, what would you get a niece who is prolly 9-12year old, you probably get her a Barbie doll or a Justine Timberlake’s CD or maybe fake tea party set so that she can have tea parties with her teddy bears right?(I know pink is drooling for this one:P). But if you are in Japan, the number one gift to get kids below 9-12 year old is a thong or lingerie. Kids as young as 9 year old are starting to wear thongs and spreading their cheeks and taking pictures of them. Can you imagine that? I bet you can, if not, you can check out what I found in one of their bookstore [look below]. Why? Because photos pre-teen in thongs and lingerie are the trend now, forget about can sealed up used panties; that is so yesterday. Now isn’t this that child pornography? All I can say it pre-teen photos is the foundation stone for kiddie porn. This just makes me glad I don’t have any kids living in Japan, not that I have any, but if I had some, I am not going near Japan. For crying out loud, can’t you just wait till they are old enough to take pictures of them in thongs? No wonder they eat their fish raw…

Can you imagine some of the girls featured are as young as 9 year olds...

[Go read Red Groteskes [dirty] for obscene imagine]

This world is really going to hell these days, If I was Christ, I’ll say fucked it, I am not getting on the cross. Go fuck yourself and die for your own sins. But that isn’t the case, isn’t it? So let’s light a candle on earth that we’ve made hell and pretend that it is heaven. Have yourself a fucking great Xmas tonight and go party till you turn purple.

I have no idea how to read that but it means Merry Xmas in Japanese