Touchdown JFK

It was really a cold night when I touch the ground at JFK’s. I left at night and after almost 15 hours; I reach New York about midnight just in time to go to bed again. I was so damn exhausted from the flight not because I didn’t sleep; in fact I slept from the start till the end, so much so that I didn’t bother waking up for the meals. But my mind was just sore and tired, thinking about Michael. It was like an emotional rollercoaster ride thinking about the time that we had together and how he was practically the one who given me support and encouragement. He was a superb musician, a great counselor and most of all a friend. He was like a brother that I never had, he was family. I wouldn’t have been doing what I am doing now if it wasn’t his nudge, I would have still be a beach bum back in Kuantan. The last time we spoken was 2 months ago, he sounded so happy. He found someone special and he planned to come visit me and he really wanted me meet his other half. He told me how he misses the midnight surfing at the beach which left us shivering but was easily remedied by the hot Tom Yum Soup by the beach; singing Karaoke at Megamall’s K-box along side with all the other screaming Mat Rockers (I tell you, you don’t usually see an Ang Mor do that at all); having food with the head and face of the food still intact; eating Asian Oyster which was a lame name for SI HAM (Kerang) and eating Durian and washing it down with a bottle of coke (made him puke like hell). He told me that he was ready to do it all over again. But things don’t always turn out the way you wanted it to be. As all these thoughts races across my mind, I felt tight across my chest and I was fighting to breath.

I swear to God, with all the emo shit that is building up in my head, I really couldn’t think straight. With only USD40 in my wallet and the rest was still in Yen, I was trying to find my way to Mike’s church, which was in Manhattan and I do not know what is the fucking distance between it and JFK airport. It could be fucking miles away or just down the block and with just 40 buckaroos I don’t think it can take me very far but I was going to run on faith and get a cab anyway. But thanks to Bunny who knock some sense into me telling me to be safe than sorry. I guess I should withdraw or change some money before taking a cab but before that I called up Mike’s church and thank god there was some one, and they were so kind to send someone over to pick me up. When I reached the church, I didn’t have anywhere to go for the night so they set me up in one of the co-worker’s office; I had the whole couch to myself, it wasn’t very comfortable but it beats being out in the cold. There will be a service for Michael later on today, so I better try to get as much sleep as possible.

Mikey berposing outside a Kbox booth, getting ready to sing our favorite song there, U2’s With or Without You. But instead of singing we ended screaming, cause I didn’t wanna lose to the Malays in the next booth who was screaming Search’s Isabella