I Dream like New York

This is my first time in New York; I have always dream of coming here but surely not under these circumstances. I never would have thought that there are so many sorts of people living around in the world until I hit the streets of New York. If New York is a bowl and the people living there is the food, the dish would definitely be a “Rojak” (all mixed up dish). The best thing was when it was just about to rain, suddenly a bunch of people just popped out of nowhere selling umbrellas. A minute ago they weren’t even there but suddenly the streets are filled with umbrella peddlers. Everyone seem to be rushing or trying to catch a train to somewhere, just like Japan, the only difference is in Japan everyone seems to be in a black suit and trying to portray the corporate look, but here everyone seems to be themselves. It kinda reminds me of when I was running the rat race in KL, I didn’t have the spark and fire in me like the people here. So yes, I chase for the train to get to work, from 9 to 5 I only strife only to stay awake. The motivation I had for work was the pay check at the end of the month so that I can pay out my almost maxed out and scratch-fill credit cards. But it was different here, it makes the child inside me dare to dream and believe he can fly. Everyone dreams big here; no wonder it is a great city. Now I really get what Mike mean when he always ask me to dream like New York and aim for the stars.

"How many times, have you tried and failed, have you watch your dreams fade away? Every hero falls, every soldier crawls but remember every dreamer will dream again, there is no failure , unless you quit dreaming, so dream out loud" -Mike

Another thing, there’s street performance almost everywhere like in the train stations, parks, alleys and overpasses. You will get to see and heard all sort of music being played. Especially acoustics. (I simply just love acoustics) This guy Larry Wright the famous street drummer makes about $300 a day as a street musician, If a guy can sit on a stool and bang a bucket for a living, I think I can be one of street musician and try my luck by hitting the streets. I guess it would be interesting, will then you guys about it. Whether I get some spare changes or will I get egg.

Larry Wright bangs the bucket all night long, watch it on YouTube

And Finally to answer the most important question that someone asked me today: