3am and there is no one around, I am left alone to fight my demons, I just wish that the day will keep it's trust, but for now I feel like a car crash, my wheels are turning but I am upside down. I toss and turn but I just cannot sleep, maybe I am just hypnotized and I’m paralyzed by a different beat. I like to think that my whole biological clock is being messed up big time because I was traveling from time zone to time zone, I started at GMT +8, then I moved on to GMT+9, just about I was getting use to it, I had to travel to GMT-5 and by tomorrow I will be in another new time zone again, Central time (GMT-6). I am flying to Denver later today and where finally Mike will be lay to rest in his hometown. I am still tossing and turning and I just can’t ignore the echo of thoughts of what I am going to say at the funeral service. I think I will leave that when I am on the plane to Denver, but for now I am better off drifting into dreamland and thinking about Someone :)

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