End of Red Groteskes

something I left for mike

All the picture seems to get this funny flash on that day during the service

I am finally back from US. Things there are pretty much settled, Michael is finally lay to rest in his place of birth and I had my chance to say my last goodbye. After having an almost 20 hours flight time shoved up my ass, it was touchdown Narita Airport early this morning, I manage to get a couple of hours of sleep before I heading to the studio for a meeting today. Now I feel like a whore who has just finished servicing 3,000 black clients. My face is dry and felt like fish scale and my bloody pores are showing. I wonder if all the SKII miracle water and Aloe Vera serum in the world could ever put my face back together again. If a woman loses her voice she will sound like a transvestite, if a man loses his voice he might turn into a baritone, for me now I think I sound like a tranny singing in the baritone section. But the most disturbing thing I found out today is when I stepped on a scale, god damnit I dropped another 3kgs and I haven’t even gain back the ones I lost when I was sick last time. Shit, does that mean I have to give up dreaming of becoming you know who? I must start eating everything in sight to get back my weight.

Anyway, all good things have to come to an end, even the gross, the sick and the grotesque too. This is will be the last post under the red groteskes.