Better Days

As I packed my bags get ready to leave the studio, I cannot but feel heavy hearted because this marks my last day here. I have finally given up Japan’s offer and together with my current project; everything has gone down into the bottomless pit. I am so going to miss being in a studio recording and making music. But I will not yield to those who want only their way. Even though I can’t help but to feel beaten and bruised but I have still intact is my pride and spirit in me. I don’t know when will I ever set foot in such a studio with such sophisticated equipment, but I shall not stop dreaming about it, maybe one day I will be right here again doing what I love doing. So I’ll take all this wound and convert it into notation and lyrics and sing it out loud. Someone told me as the door slams behind me, there will be another one open, I just have to find out which. So I guess tonight my world begins again.

Let me take this opportunity to wish each and every one a Happy Chinese New Year, I guess most of the people would wish a prosperity and good fortune, but this year I just wanna wish you better days for you and your family; having peace, joy and happiness, faith and trust all the days of your life.

Enjoy the festive!!

My host who had just come back from Malaysia a couple of weeks ago brought something back. Usually I am not a but lover of this dish but being away from home especially during Chinese New Year, it does really give a little piece of home.- Instant Yee Sang

Even though it taste like crap but it still makes me feel like Chinese New Year